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Only Balls And Horses At Ladbrokes Bingo

Saturday, Mar. 28th 2015 7:48 AM

The Grand National is coming up and not far away now, and while we love Ladbrokes Bingo, the name is more associated with horseracing than bingo. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to combine the two as you collect free tickets in the £10k Final Furlong game playing on 14th April!

Until 12th April players are getting the chance to win free tickets to the game at Ladbrokes Bingo for the chance of a big prize, but before you can start collecting free tickets you must opt in!

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Dragonfish Free Bingo Changes

Wednesday, Mar. 25th 2015 7:36 AM

It was only recently that we bought you news of the changes that have been introduced to the loyalty program across the Dragonfish network. These changes have impacted on the free bingo games on offer too because where once access to the free rooms was given dependant on your loyalty level, this is no longer the case. Deposits now determine access to the free bingo rooms.

Before the Dragonfish free bingo changes it used to be that at sites like Bingo Cove you could register and play free games all day every day without depositing. The Free Bingo All Room, as it was then called, was open from 7am until 7pm and offered a £1 jackpot game of 90 ball bingo every eight minutes. The changes mean the opening hours are less, the room name is different and only three days access is available prior to a deposit.

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60 Minute Mayhem At Tombola Bingo

Saturday, Mar. 21st 2015 7:01 AM

This month Tombola Bingo have a bit of the Mad Hatter about them, as they go in for some full scale March Madness! Hopefully you’ve been logged on throughout the month to make the most of the bingo specials, but if not there’s still more to come before the month is out!

Today is the final day of the guaranteed prizes in Bingo Roulette so get in between 8pm and 11pm tonight to enjoy that, but then from Monday at Tombola it’s a week of 60 Minute Mayhem with huge prizes, and a blow out jackpot to end the month!

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Changes Across The Live Bingo Network

Wednesday, Mar. 18th 2015 7:43 AM

When it comes to changing welcome bonuses a network that is quite often altering the deals for the new players is the Live Bingo Network (LBN). Just before the Point of Consumption tax (PoC) was introduced on 1st December, this network removed all their no deposit bonuses. Just a few weeks later, they were all back again. More recently sites like Raw Bingo have seen a change in the cash match deals available AND how the registration process works.

Once upon a time it used to be that if you had an account at one LBN site then the login worked at all sites. It was also nigh on impossible to have an account at all sites on the network as your email /username would already be registered. This is no longer the case, it is encouraged to have an account at more than one brand like Raw Bingo.

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The Hoppy Hunt At Wink Bingo

Saturday, Mar. 14th 2015 7:42 AM

Easter is just around the corner now, it’s not until April but it’s right at the start of the month so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Thankfully Wink Bingo is helping with the preparations this year with their own egg hunt and if you join in the Hoppy Hunt this March you could win a Cadbury’s Hamper!

There are a dozen Easter Hampers to be given away but you’ll need to hop to it and play at Wink Bingo to be in with a chance of winning!

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Tidy Bingo And 15 Network Changes

Wednesday, Mar. 11th 2015 7:13 AM

On Monday of this week there was quite a substantial change that happened at Tidy Bingo and all of the 15 Network sites. The decision was made last week that all of the bingo chat rooms would be merged to form just one room for all rooms. This came to fruition at the start of the week and has not been well received by the social players on the network.

At Tidy Bingo we are in quite a unique position because we are currently the only site on the network with a standalone room. However, it is likely that due to the recent change we may see other brands opt to host their own room too. In response to the recent change we have chosen to open the Tidy Cupboard for an extra session a week from Friday 3rd April.

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Changes Ahead For Dragonfish Network

Saturday, Mar. 7th 2015 7:11 AM

Since the Point of Consumption tax came into play a few months ago we’ve seen big shake ups in the bingo industry with all sorts of effects. In preparation for the tax, one of the biggest bingo networks out there, Dragonfish, made huge changes to their bonus structure but now it looks like more changes may be imminent for the network that could affect free bingo and loyalty rewards.

Dragonfish brands are pretty well known for their free bingo offering, and this looks like it may be one of the things affected by these changes, in that we may see shorter opening times in Dragonfish bingo rooms, and some restrictions on who can play.

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Film Bingo Gives Mum What She Wants….

Wednesday, Mar. 4th 2015 7:32 AM

In less that two weeks time, on Sunday 15th March, it is Mothering Sunday and many brands online today and offering a whole plethora of promotions to players. Film Bingo has a great gift packages to giveaway to the winner in their latest promo and it’s one that you can spoil your mum with (or yourself), even if it doesn’t arrive until after the day itself.

Throughout the month at Film Bingo you have the opportunity to earn draw entries and the more that you earn, the better your chances of being the name drawn out of the sites virtual hat. Earning entries is done by playing at the site, winning on certain letters and patterns and depositing.

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