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Free £5 From Tombola Bingo

Monday, Mar. 21st 2011 8:03 AM

Tombola Bingo is not best known for it’s free bingo offerings; this brand remains a market leader simply because if offers the most innovation gaming experience available online today for players who love bingo. However every so often Tombola do a cash giveaway but unlike other brands it doesn’t restrict it’s offer to new players! The £5 free current offer is open to both new and older players at Tombola, you simply get your unique code in different ways. £5 is the minimum you can win but there are prizes up to an impressive £5,000 available!

For new players who have yet to register with Tombola Bingo it’s a case of looking out for the leaflets that are being disseminated via popular publications like Take a Break, Total TV Guide and That’s Life. Below you will find a comprehensive list:


  • New issue dated 15 March on sale 08 March
  • Zoo issue number 64 on sale 08 March
  • What’s on TV issue dated 12 March on sale 08 March
  • That’s Life issue dated 17 March on sale 10 March
  • All About Soap issue number 06 on sale 15 March
  • Your TV Week issue dated 14 March on sale 15 March
  • Take a Break issue dated 24 March on sale 17 March
  • Inside Soap issue dated 26 March on sale 22 March
  • Total TV Guide issue number 13 on sale 22 March
  • Hair Magazine issue May on sale 25 March
  • Soaplife issue dated 15 April on sale 29 March
  • TV & Satellite Week issue dated 02 April on sale 29 March
  • Love It issue number 265 on sale 31 March

Once you have your unique code as a new player to Tombola Bingo you have to follow these steps:

  1. Register a new account at
  2. Click ‘Play Now’ and enter the code printed on your leaflet
  3. Play the ‘Everyone’s A Winner’ game to claim your free prize.

For players who have already registered and made a deposit you will receive an email from Tombola Bingo containing your unique code. To claim your bonus you simply need to login and follow steps 2 and 3 above at

11 Comments on “Free £5 From Tombola Bingo”

lisa Says:

hi can you tell me what i need to do please ,as i have been getting my grandaughter to buy me the mags ,as i need a code but when she brings them to me ,there is never a leafet in these i asked her to tell the shop ower who said he does not know what i shall do thank you ..this is for the tombola bingo site thank you

antonia Says:

trying to play free fiver game without deposit cant find were to put code

admin Says:

Hi Antonia, I think the offer is now closed so there’s nowhere to put the code. When these offers come around, they are very time-limited.

marc Says:

wot the dance here says a free fiver always a catch int there.

admin Says:

No catch, people just need to read the date of the post and the actual piece. It was relevant the date it was posted.

jay Says:

anyone have a spare code for new player thanks

jackie Says:

The codes are for new players and are in certain magazines
whats on tv
full house
real people
take a break
…can only use 1 per customer
enter code in that as hard to find where to enter
also was told even if not new member to tombola as long has never had 1 before it works so good luck all x

xxpinkshoesxx Says:

it is very easy to get ur free fiver,just join tombola go on the home page and click the green box ,it gives 5 pound for new players…….i also has 2 leflets drop out of magazines this week,unfortunatley i cannot use the codes as ive just recieved a free 5 pound bonus(only one per customer))
i would advise anyone whos trying to claim 5 pound free from leaflets out of magazines ,to firstly log into tombola,then in ur search box type in, scroll down the page click on the link and type your code in,,its very easy to do,,just make sure you are logged in first!!!!if u have problems click on the live help and speak to someone!!
fantastic site to play on xx

paul Says:

any 1 got a spare code for the 5 free plz

BingoGal Says:

Hi Paul

I am currently posting any codes I find for Tombola on the following post in the comments box:

Tombola Bingo Codes



Troy Says:

Tombola codes





MY user name trickywins

All codes are valid so grab one while you can
Good luck!!

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