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Christmas With Foxy Bingo

Tuesday, Dec. 4th 2012 10:25 AM

Finally! Foxy have now announced their promotions for the festive season. We’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what one of the biggest brand in bingo have to offer their players over Christmas and we have to say, we’re not disappointed. First of all tonight boasts a stocking filler prize night, two hours of prize bingo fun in the Love Me Ten-der room with all games having zero cost to participate. The prizes may not be high value goods, they are as the promotion title suggests, stocking fillers.

There’s an abundance of goodies to be won with a prize game every 10 minutes this evening at Foxy Bingo. Prizes like Rubiks Cube, chocolates, sweets and much more.

It’s Christmas Eve when the big money is there to play for though with a guaranteed jackpot on offer of a whopping £24,000! Tickets for the 9.30pm game are on sale now at £1.50 each and for each that you buy you have the chance to win one of the following cash prizes:

  • One line – £3,000
  • Two lines – £5,000
  • Full house – £15,000

Are you wondering where the remaining £1,000 is? Well that has been put aside for all the participating players who get close to bingo but miss out by just one number. There’s a £1,000 prize pool to be shared amongst all those left with 1tg when bingo is called.

The chances are that over the next couple of weeks are going to offer free tickets for the game as prizes in different promotions so login to your account daily to see what’s available.

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