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Red Nose Bingo Advert From Jackpot Joy

Wednesday, Feb. 20th 2013 10:08 AM

Red Nose Day is just around the corner and Jackpot Joy is one of the official sponsors for this charity event. Already the site has two special themed games on offer and to coincide with the launch, once again Barbara Windsor is making an appearance on the television as the Queen of Bingo! The commercial is great fun and definitely gets across the spirit of the site – ‘Just for the Jackpot Joy of it’.

The Jackpot Joy commercial starts with a very 70’s feel, all flares and Capri’s. Thieves are loading the boot of a care with Red Noses, the crime of the bingo century! All is not lost though as the Queen of Bingo steps in to save the day!

The advert is reminiscent of a Jackie Chan movie, even down to the over dubbed and subtitled opening line which says ‘Stop Thief! Gimme my red nose back!’ The first thief, sporting a rather large moustache, tries to perform his best karate moves on the Queen but is stopped in his tracks with a broom handle to the groin. Thief two leaps off a balcony but the Queen sidesteps leaving him to face plant the floor. The third thief faces off with the infamous bingo lady with this red nose on, he is soon dealt with!

The last scene of the Jackpot Joy commercial sees the Queen of Bingo surveying her handy work as the voiceover (and text) encourage you to play Red Nose Day Bingo at the site with all profits donated to Comic Relief.

Here is the advert for in case you have yet to catch it on television:

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