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New Advert Coming Soon For Wink Bingo

Wednesday, Mar. 13th 2013 7:56 AM

We read an interesting snippet the other day about Wink Bingo and the Dream Idols, a collaboration that we recently saw come together for a promotion from the brand. It would appear that the scantily clad lads are set to become the face of the brand as they work to maintain their ‘cheeky and flirty’ reputation for their bingo site. A new advert is soon set to air on the small screen for Wink Bingo and Tommy, Ollie, Billy, Lorenz and Lewis are to be the stars.

The Dream Idols are a fairly new glamour group, they only formed last year and have already enjoyed massive success with the launch of the Magic Mike movie. However, the Wink Bingo endorsement is not the groups first interaction with bingo as previously they were sponsored by Boyle.

The new commercial is likely to attract quite a lot of attention from the biggest demographic for online bingo which means, without even seeing whether the advert has been filmed tastefully or not, that it will certainly raise brand awareness for Wink Bingo.

The Dream Idols involvement with Boyle certainly did just that for their brand with their team reported as saying “Apart from the direct response and national branding afforded by the sponsorship, Boyle Bingo was also extremely pleased with the SEO benefits of the initiative, which continued to improve our natural search rankings by virtue of the quality content, quality natural backlinks and all of the independent online PR generated.”

We will have to wait just a few more days to see what the / Dream Idol collaboration has to show in the advertising, it is set to air on the 18th March according to our sources.

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