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Take Your Quickity Pick With Jackpot Joy

Monday, May. 20th 2013 7:22 AM

When it comes to promotions and marketing from the world of online bingo there seems to be a number of commercials that are using sexual suggestion. Recently we have seen Dotty Bingo claim that their advert cannot be shown before the watershed because of it’s sexual connotations and now we are teased with the potential to glimpse up a man’s kilt by Jackpot Joy. All of that without even mentioning that the Dream Idols are the stars of the Wink Bingo campaign!

The new commercial for Jackpot Joy is used to tell viewers about the latest promotion at the site that offers everyone the chance to win a share of £250,000 in prizes that site are giving away.

Barbara Windsor, aka The Queen of Bingo, is the hostess of a game show and three men dressed in kilts are on the stage. The audience are asked to take their pick as to which of the three is a ‘true’ Scotsman.

Google ‘true Scotsman’ and you’ll find that Wikipedia define it as ‘a humorous term used in Scotland for a man wearing a kilt without undergarments’. The commercial gives the audience the option A, B or C before air is blown and the kilts rise but not enough to give the game away.

To find out which is the true Scotsman you have to visit Jackpoy Joy and make your choice as part of the Quickity Pick promotion. Even if at the first attempt you get it wrong, you can keep trying until the truth is revealed, literally! However there is no genitalia on show, its all pixelated out so as not to offend anyone!

When you have chosen correctly your name is in the hat for the daily prize draw and your chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 x Samsung 40” 6 Series 3D LED Backlit LCD Smart TV in silver
  • 1 x iPad mini with Wi-fi 16GB
  • 3 x £150 cash prizes.

If you have not yet caught the commercial on the small screen, here it is in all its glory (excuse the pun!):

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