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Hundreds Of £100’s At Wink Bingo

Monday, Jun. 24th 2013 7:49 AM

The Dream Idols are no longer the faces of Wink Bingo but the dancing dog has made reappearance in the commercials for the brand. As we welcome the talented canine back to our television screens the Hundreds of £100’s promotion features quite heavily in the commercials.

This promotion does what it says on the tin, there are literally hundreds of £100 jackpots to be won in the 75 and 90 ball rooms throughout the day at Wink Bingo, Tickets for the game vary from 5p to 10p but even more impressive, there are some free games thrown in for good measure. Each of the games have just six minutes buying time to it is worthwhile taking a look at the schedule.

Whatever time of day you like your bingo Wink has a selection of games on offer, here’s the schedule:

The Hangout – 75 ball

  • 2am and 12pm – 5p tickets
  • 4am and 8am – 10p tickets

The Strip – 90 ball

  • 4am – 5p tickets
  • 9am, 2pm and 5pm – 10p tickets

Fab 5 (Summer Fabulou5) – 75 ball

  • 12am and 3pm – FREE game
  • 6am, 10am and 8pm – 5p tickets

High 5 – 90 ball

  • 3am and 7am – FREE game
  • 11am and 9pm – 5p tickets

Naughty Numbers – 90 ball

  • 10pm – 10p tickets

Bingo Babes – 75 ball

  • 1am and 11pm – 10p tickets

Wild Winkers

  • 7pm – 10p tickets

Yummy Mummies – 90 ball

  • 6pm – 10p tickets

1TG Club – 90 ball

  • 1pm – 10p tickets
  • 4pm – 5pm tickets

With so many low cost games on offer and decent prizes on each game, it’s worth dancing your way over to

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