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Site Closures From The Better Bingo Network

Saturday, Jul. 6th 2013 7:45 AM

A couple of days ago we heard the news via email that Bloke Bingo is to close on 16th July, and we thought maybe they just hadn’t been able to attract in the male players in this mainly female domain. However, since then we’ve heard news about several other sites, including Tea and Bingo who are also closing, and they are all part of the Better Bingo Network.

We’re not altogether sure if the entire network is disbanding, but it’s certainly starting to look that way, as every day, news of another site closure comes through. The network always looked strong, part of the Virtue Fusion software group, and now we’re interested to see what will happen next.

One thing is for sure, if it is the entire network, then some brands won’t want to go, and it’s possible that players will see sites reopen on new software packages or networks. Tea and Bingo has already announced that they will be back soon with new software, so this might just be a huge shakeup for the industry.

If you are signed up at any of these closing sites, then play your balances through and withdraw the rest and do it within the next few days. If you’re disappointed at the closures, you can still play the software at a very many sites, including Gala Bingo among others, so you don’t need to worry and not too much will change. Plus, you’ll get the offer of a new sign up bonus, and that’s always great news!

We’ll be back with more news as we have it about these sites, possible relaunches and possibly even more closures. Make sure you play those balances through!

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