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Not Quite Joy Of Bingo

Friday, Jul. 19th 2013 12:08 AM

Once upon a time there were a group of sites, all standalone that offered something a little unique. By joining forces under one big hat named the Joy of Bingo the brands were able to offer quarterly impressive jackpot games to their players. Alongside these big cash games the sites would individually offer a selection of great promotions; prize giveaways, cash jackpots whose games you could earn free cards for. Things were all rosy in the garden….

Along came an even bigger player than the original owner of the company responsible for the Joy of Bingo and then it all seemed to lose the ‘Joy’.

Promotions at each of the sites on the network that isn’t really a network became dull, the spark of interest that the promotional schedule ignited in bingo players dimmed and we were then left with the memory of once great sites.

Then the Dream Idols made an appearance as the face(s) of one of the brands (Wink Bingo) and it looked as though the spark had been reignited. It burnt brightly for a few months before being extinguished by the return of the river dancing dog!

The passion and drive for bingo that carried the brands on the original Joy of Bingo owners, Daub Ltd, has been lost. No longer are the sites big fish in a little pond but have become little fish in the open ocean thanks to 888. Let’s hope that someone gets their promotional juices flowing at 888 HQ before the sites soon blend into the crowd of over 300+ other bingo sites!

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