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Bingo Godz Promote Upcoming Mobile Launch

Saturday, Sep. 7th 2013 7:34 AM

Bingo Godz is the newest bingo game to hit our screens, and so far it’s proving popular with players, who seem to be enjoying working through the levels and meeting the Godz on the way. Now we hear that the site is to launch a mobile platform too, and a little promotional stunt at the Liverpool Canal helped to promote the launch, set for September 13th.

Bingo Godz is a unique social bingo game, offering something we’ve never seen before, and seeing the actual Godz walk on water at Liverpool Canal, in front of the Liver building recently was pretty unique too.

Liverpool is a popular city for bingo players, and if you were lucky enough to see the gravity-defying stunt then you’re sure to have been impressed. If not, then here are a couple of pictures from the event, where five of the Bingo Godz came to life and walked on water in this promotional stunt for the brand!

Bingo Godz Walk on water

Bingo Godz walk on water in Liverpool.

Bingo Godz walk on water

The Bingo Godz walking on water in Liverpool.

Bingo Godz Mobile launches on Friday 13th September, and that means that not only will you be able to play the game, collecting the 36 Godz from your desktop, you’ll be able to play on the go too. We’ll have more details about the mobile platform when it launches, but it promises to offer the same functions and playability as the desktop version.

When you sign up to you’ll start at the first level, and as you play, you can work your way through 6 exotic worlds, collecting 36 Bingo Godz. All of this is based around the traditional bingo game, and the game play isn’t bad either, leaving us feeling excited about what this mobile offering will bring.

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