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NONONO For 888Ladies Commercial

Wednesday, Dec. 4th 2013 7:12 AM

888Ladies have advertised their brand intermittently on the small screen with the most famous of their commercials featuring Vic Reeves. This was then followed by a selection of adverts that really seemed to disconnect with the player before we then saw the site bring back Vic.

The new 888Ladies commercial starts with green paper unfolding over a pile of coins, the paper unfolds to reveal the shape of the United Kingdom. As is does so the voiceover tells the viewer ‘At 888Ladies it is you that makes our bingo great’ as several different photos are pinned to the map. The background music is a song from NONONO and called Pumpin Blood.

The Swedish band launched their pop anthem in the charts in October 2013 and in an interview with the BBC, the lead singer Stina Wappling said that she had no qualms about her music being used in an advert, so long as it was not for something “evil or bad”. She believes that the use of her music in advertising is “one way to get the music across to more people”.

The song has already appeared in a commercial prior to 888Ladies, one for Sparkling Ice and a popular phone brand. We’ve also heard it somewhere else but cannot for the life of us think where.

The whole theme of the main commercial is the player and how much value you are to the site, which is great to see. With a tune that is certainly catchy, we’ve no doubt that the advert that will definitely catch the viewers attention.

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