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Mel B, The New Face Of Costa Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2014 11:59 AM

When you visit Costa Bingo now you are greeted by something really scary, well she used to be anyway! Scary Spice aka Mel B is the new face of this brand but honestly, we just don’t get it. We’ve seen many a brand have celebrity endorsements over the years – Foxy Bingo and Katie Price, Vic Reeves and 888Ladies, Brits Bingo and Gavin Henson but Mel B and Costa Bingo, where is the player connection?

Mel B was big in the mid to late 90’s but isn’t a name that we’d ever pick as the face of online bingo, far from it in fact. When you land on the home page of Costa Bingo now she is seen squeezing Sunny between her thumb and forefinger and leaning against the page in a skimpy outfit – could this be an attempt to attract more men through the doors of the site?

We’re sure to see Mel starring in a new commercial for the brand and there are new promotions at the site like Mel’s Lucky Dip and Mel’s Bonanza as well as the chance to spend seven night’s in Mel’s new home but other than named promotions, what can she really bring to the brand?

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out over the next few months but her arrival at the site earnt us 405 Diamonds. There had been a vote taking place at the site and 1235 players got the answer right to share 500,000 Diamonds, we were one of them!

What do you think Mel B will bring to Will she enhance your playing experience at the site or make you more likely to sign up with the brand?

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