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Free Bingo For A Year At 888Ladies

Saturday, Jan. 4th 2014 7:31 AM

There isn’t much that could kick start this year better than the idea of free bingo for an entire year, and that’s exactly what’s on offer in the January special at 888Ladies. The site has gone through a complete overhaul in the last month, and that’s meant some great new offers, but they really are getting the New Year off to a bang with this fantastic giveaway.

Tickets for the ‘Free Bingo for a Year’ game are just 30p each and they’re already available to buy so you can rack up plenty before the game plays on 31st January at 888Ladies Bingo.

The game plays at 9pm on 31st January and the great news is that you can play on your PC, tablet or mobile, so you don’t need to miss out on the chance for free bingo, whatever device you like to play 888Ladies on.

It’s a 90-ball game, and all the prizes are free bingo, so you’ll get three chances to win, and those prizes are split as follows:

  • 1 line – £50 free bingo every month for a year
  • 2 lines – £100 free bingo every month for a year
  • Full House – £150 free bingo every month for a year

That means the total prizes are worth £600, £1,200, and £1,800 respectively, and if you don’t want to wait until the 1st of every month to get your credit, you can request the entire jackpot is paid as a lump sum. Should the prize be shared, then the credit will be split equally between the winning players at 888Ladies, giving even more players the chance at free bingo credits.

It’s a fantastic giveaway and tickets are cheap, let’s hope this is a taste of things to come, and the year ahead at

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