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The Big Dipper At Bingola

Saturday, Nov. 1st 2014 7:20 AM

The weekend is here and if you fancy ramping some excitement into the break then Bingola is a great choice. The brand operates within the Mandalay Media family and hasn’t been around very long but they’re packing quite a punch with some fantastic games and specials. Did you know that every Sunday there’s up to £5,000 to be won in the Big Dipper game, and tickets are absolutely free!

There’s a £5 no deposit bonus when you sign up to Bingola but you will need to be a depositing player if you wish to play the Big Dipper game, although tickets for the game are absolutely free.

Big Dippers are fun, and the faster they go the better they are, which is why Bingola has given the name to this fantastic free game. The maximum jackpot is a £5,000 cash sum, with a £500 minimum, and the faster you go, the more you’re likely to win, as follows:

  • Call bingo in 24 to 29 calls – £5,000
  • Call bingo in 30 to 40 calls – £3,000
  • Call bingo in 41 to 45 calls – £2,000
  • Call bingo in 46 to 50 calls – £1,000
  • Call bingo in 51 calls or more – £500

It’s a coverall game so there’s only one winner, and the faster that player can dip the dipper the bigger the prize that will be collected!

It may be a £500 minimum, but tickets are absolutely free and won’t cost you a single penny! The game plays every Sunday at 9pm so all you need to do now is head to and grab your freebies and your chance to win up to £,5000!

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