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Tombola Spin Out The Bingo Roulette Prizes

Saturday, Nov. 15th 2014 7:49 AM

Tombola offer players some of the most unique and innovative games around and one such game is Bingo Roulette, combining the world’s two favourite numbers’ games in an exciting multi-player game. This coming week, from Monday 17th November through to Wednesday 19th you can join in the Bingo Roulette guaranteed games with big prizes and up to £750 to be won every single game.

In this fantastic three day giveaway, Tombola Bingo is promising to give away a staggering £170,000 in the Bingo Roulette rooms and the only way to ensure you get a share is to make sure you head into the bingo rooms between 8pm and 11pm on the promotional days.

As regulars will know, Bingo Roulette rooms are split between 10p rooms, 25p rooms and 50p rooms so there’s a game to suit all budgets, and these guaranteed prizes will take place in every room, for every game between 8pm and 11pm, Monday to Wednesday this week. Depending on which room you are in, you’ll be playing for a different set prize and these are as follows:

  • 10p Bingo Roulette Rooms: – £125
  • 25p Bingo Roulette Rooms – £200
  • 50p Bingo Roulette Rooms – £750

And that’s not for special jackpot games, that’s for every single game, three hours a night, for three days, totalling £170,000 in Bingo Roulette prizes from Tombola.

It’s a fantastic offer and those familiar with the game will know how much fun it is to play, but even if you’re a new player to you can sign up today and receive a 200% first deposit bonus when you first sign up. That should ensure you have plenty to hit the Bingo Roulette rooms with to win some of these fantastic prizes!

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