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Posh Bingo Require Bonus Codes For Reloads

Wednesday, Jan. 14th 2015 11:47 AM

Since the introduction of the Point of Consumption tax on 1st December 2014 we have seen quite a few changes in the bonus structure at various sites. Some changes were preemptive and others happened after the PoC arrived, one of which we only recently noticed. Posh Bingo have changed the way the reloads work at their site.

It used to be that a 50% cash match bonus was added to your account when you deposited at least £10 at Posh Bingo but this is no longer the case. To get the bonus you have to remember to enter the promo code. Each month the code will change and for January it is HEELS. This is valid from 1st until 31st January 2015.

As sweetener to the change at Posh Bingo the site have said that between 19:00 and 23:59 on a Monday through Thursday you could find that the bonus that you receive using the special code is more than the standard 50%. These bigger bonuses are given at random times.

Remember, all deposit bonuses from this site are credited as bonus funds and are therefore not available for withdrawal.

We wanted to see how the players at Posh Bingo felt about the change and their Facebook page is always a great starting point. We noticed instantly that this isn’t managed overly well with several days between posts at points. However, it was the Posts to Page we were interested in but could only find one comment reference the reload change:

This site gets crappier and crappier, and you can win less and less, now you have to give a code to get a 50% bonus. Bye bye posh!

We agree that the introduction of a bonus code for reloads will no doubt see a drop in claims for the 50% simply because players will inevitably forget to enter the code when they deposit. That said, it’s still available at 50% which, when compared to the Dragonfish network (min. 10%) is a better deal from

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