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Changes Ahead For Dragonfish Network

Saturday, Mar. 7th 2015 7:11 AM

Since the Point of Consumption tax came into play a few months ago we’ve seen big shake ups in the bingo industry with all sorts of effects. In preparation for the tax, one of the biggest bingo networks out there, Dragonfish, made huge changes to their bonus structure but now it looks like more changes may be imminent for the network that could affect free bingo and loyalty rewards.

Dragonfish brands are pretty well known for their free bingo offering, and this looks like it may be one of the things affected by these changes, in that we may see shorter opening times in Dragonfish bingo rooms, and some restrictions on who can play.

However, this month at many Dragonfish sites a trial is running for a brand new loyalty scheme and if it’s successful it could be rolled out across the entire network. With reload bonuses reduced massively in the last change to the network, players need to keep hold of whatever they can get. The scheme is in place at many sites including 888 Bingo, but could become network wide.

The Dragonfish Loyalty scheme has long been a hard to understand, mystical process but this new structure could give it some clarity. To gain the best rewards you need to collect jewels and as you do so you’ll climb through the loyalty levels, securing extra bonuses and more.

Each £1 you deposit is equal to 12 jewels towards your loyalty level and the more jewels you collect the bigger your rewards will be the following month. There are all sorts of special rewards including free tickets into big jackpot games, cashback and the chance to play free bingo games too!

Right now the scheme is just on trial at several sites across the network, now we have to wait and see whether it’ll become standard.

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