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Tidy Bingo And 15 Network Changes

Wednesday, Mar. 11th 2015 7:13 AM

On Monday of this week there was quite a substantial change that happened at Tidy Bingo and all of the 15 Network sites. The decision was made last week that all of the bingo chat rooms would be merged to form just one room for all rooms. This came to fruition at the start of the week and has not been well received by the social players on the network.

At Tidy Bingo we are in quite a unique position because we are currently the only site on the network with a standalone room. However, it is likely that due to the recent change we may see other brands opt to host their own room too. In response to the recent change we have chosen to open the Tidy Cupboard for an extra session a week from Friday 3rd April.

If you a regular reader here or a player at Tidy Bingo then you will know that on a Tuesday night from 7pm until 11pm it is me that hosts the Cupboard. On a Friday night it will be CM Blondie who will be running the room!

The change across the network is still settling as players get used to the new way of doing things and still to come are details of the new chat schedule. For the interim it seems that we are seeing Trivia and similar type games being played as number based games are no longer a viable option. In the Cupboard we are able to play all types of chat games and you’ll find more details of them on the dedicated Tidy Cupboard page under the promotions section at Tidy Bingo.

Comments From 15 Network Regarding Chat Room Changes

Commenting on the changes that have recently been put in place at all sites on the 15 Network, they said

The vision here is to create a strong sense of community, allowing all players to chat together, meet new players outside of their regular rooms, and create better chat games with higher participation numbers.

We also plan to introduce new and exciting chat games shortly, which will take full advantage of the increased player numbers.

Remember, if you’re looking for somewhere a little less busy with the old style chat games then give the Cupboard a try on a Tuesday or Friday from 7pm until 11pm. Please note that the first Friday session for the Cupboard is not until 3rd April 2015 at

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