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60 Minute Mayhem At Tombola Bingo

Saturday, Mar. 21st 2015 7:01 AM

This month Tombola Bingo have a bit of the Mad Hatter about them, as they go in for some full scale March Madness! Hopefully you’ve been logged on throughout the month to make the most of the bingo specials, but if not there’s still more to come before the month is out!

Today is the final day of the guaranteed prizes in Bingo Roulette so get in between 8pm and 11pm tonight to enjoy that, but then from Monday at Tombola it’s a week of 60 Minute Mayhem with huge prizes, and a blow out jackpot to end the month!

The 60 Minute Mayhem promo starts on Monday 23rd March in Bingo 90 and it’s not to be missed! Monday through to Friday head in from 9pm to 10pm for a whole hour of Link jackpot. All prizes are guaranteed and every single game will offer thousands, as follows:

  • 1 line – £500
  • 2 line – £1,000
  • FH – £3,000

And that’s not a one off jackpot, that’s back to back games for an entire hour at Tombola! So don’t miss out, Monday to Friday this week.

Then, if you needed anything else to get excited about, Tombola is ending the month with a single blow-out jackpot. The Jackpot Drop plays on March 31st at the site with a Bingo 90 jackpot worth £10,000 at 8pm, and if that’s not worth a few tickets, we don’t know what is! is already one of the most popular online bingo sites on the market, and they offer mobile play too. However, in the past few months they’ve really upped their game with promotions too, and we’re loving all the guaranteed sessions and crazy games playing at the site!

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