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Sit Back And Relax At Lollipop Bingo

Wednesday, Sep. 9th 2015 7:29 AM

We must have mentioned it a million times in various articles that we have written over the last few weeks, but the kids are now back at school (or will be very shortly) and for parents this means the chance to enjoy a little peace and quiet. The ‘Me Time’ over the last six weeks has been minimal so Lollipop Bingo are offering their players the chance to win a weekend away from two in their R & R promotion.

R & R is a slang term well known in the military that means rest and recuperation, a term to describe the free time given to a soldier. Parents have been waging a war of their own this summer, the war against boredom, so it is only fair that you get the chance to recuperate thanks to Lollipop Bingo.

It’s pretty easy to get involved, you simply have to play bingo at the site and potentially, you will be earning points and points make prizes in this promotion!

The Prize From Lollipop Bingo

Topping the Lollipop leaderboard means that you’ll be the winner and the prize is a voucher that can be used at over 33 locations nationwide. The voucher entitles the bearer to a two-night hotel break at any of the venues listed on the booking page.

Climbing the Lollipop Leaderboard

Of course to be a winner you first have to reach pole position by climbing the Lollipop Bingo leaderboard and this is done by earning points. Points are awarded every time you complete the following challenges:

  • Win a full house in 75 or 90 ball on the number 9 – 5 points per win.
  • Win on the Letter R pattern in the 75 ball rooms – 10 points per win.

If you’re a Facebook user and a Lollipop player, well there are 25 points up for grabs just for posting on their wall. All you have to do is tell them how you choose to relax and each player who does so will get 25 points (only once per player) from!

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