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The Mirror Bingo Pub Quiz

Wednesday, Oct. 28th 2015 7:34 AM

It’s Wednesday, usually known as Humpday where not much happens and it’s still far too long until the weekend! Thankfully Mirror Bingo has come up with the perfect way to while away a Wednesday evening with Pub Quiz, and a lot of fun!

We all love a Pub Quiz, but it’s not always possible to get out to the pub and join in. Thankfully with Mirror Bingo you only need to bring your own wine, the questions are provided as part of a full evening of fun and chat!

The quiz is based on current events so if you’ve been keeping up with the gossip, you could be in with a great chance! Everyone loves a quiz, and if you love a bit of trivia, you’ll want to make sure you’re in for the start at 6pm.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fast typist, get into chat from 6pm and look our for those questions, and even if you don’t have the fastest fingers there are prizes for the first six people who give the correct answer, all receiving a £1 bonus! Alongside this there’ll be fun chat games, and of course the bingo too with friendly CMs ensuring you make very most of the pub quiz night with Mirror Bingo.

It’s a fun evening and just one of the many ways that is offering standalone specials and unique fun giveaways to set themselves apart from the crowd. The brand is now part of the Virtue Fusion Network and that means lots of network fun, but with fun specials like this one, they’re offering something a bit different too!

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