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U Can’t Beat bgo!

Wednesday, Jun. 29th 2016 7:51 AM

When it comes to commercials we have seen many over time using a selection of iconic tunes to accompany the storyboard written by the advertising agency. Some of the most recent have included Black Betty by Ram Jam used for the Senet Group responsible gambling campaign, Wink Bingo used the Ottawan song D.I.S.C.O and Gala have used Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Banarama. However, a new commercial has been released by bgo that had us both laughing and cringing as Verne Troyer, The Boss at bgo, throws some shapes to MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This tune!

The song didn’t make number one in the UK charts, it only managed position three, but it did hit the top of the charts in Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden.

It’s a tune that everyone will recognise and was originally released in 1990. In the bgo advert, a parody of the song is used called U Can’t Beat This.

When the advert starts you see ‘The Boss’ in a miniature boat on his pool in his palatial pad. His assistant then brings him a gold plated phone and a conversation follows with The Boss telling the caller than they ‘Can’t Beat This’.

Can You Beat The Boss At bgo?

The iconic tune then kicks in and we see Mr. Troyer in various locations with luxuries that only money can buy; flash cars, motorbikes, private jets, big houses and even a couple of white tigers. Whilst all of this is going on, The Boss sings his parody of the U Can’t Touch This song.

Whilst we have tried to get all the words right for the parody, we may have misheard some, but it goes something like this:

Winnings makes me so rich
Makes me shake all my chips
Thank you for blessing me
With a chain that’s big and a head that’s shiny
And I own the hot seat
I am The Boss that you can’t beat.

Feel free to watch the video and tell us what you think The Boss at is singing.

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