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Saturday, Aug. 6th 2016 6:38 AM

We all love playing bingo, buy how many of us can say we have been crowned a Bingo Champion? That is the title that will be bestowed upon the winner of the latest promotion from bet365 Bingo. Whilst the title does not come with a fancy sash or a jewel encrusted tiara, it will see the lucky roomie jetting off on an amazing holiday of their own choosing worth a whopping £4,000.

That’s not the end of the Bingo Champion prizes, because as this is a 90 ball game, the one line winner will pick up £25 cash, and the two line winner will take home £50 cash. No-one should feel left out, as bet365 Bingo have also lined up a £1,000 Community Jackpot, and this will be split between everyone else taking part in the game, with shares being based on the number of cards they purchased.

Qualifying For The bet365 Bingo Champion Promotion

bet365 bingo has broken the qualifying for this new promotion into four weekly periods. The first of these ends at midnight tomorrow, and then the following three are:

  • Period two: 8th to 14th August
  • Period three: 15th to 21st August
  • Period four: 22nd to 27th August

During these weeks, you will need to look out for the featured games that are taking place in the new Ticket Dome room between 11am and 12pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm and 8:30pm and 10:30pm each day. If you win any of these games, not only will you pick up the usual cash jackpot, but also a free card for the Bingo Champion finale which is taking place on Sunday 28th August, regardless of whether it’s one line, two lines or the full house win.

You will also be able to win extra cards by taking part in the special chat games that bet365 Bingo will be running throughout August. You can play with up to a maximum of forty cards on the night, and if you need to boost your card tally or were simply not lucky enough to win any, you can still take part by purchasing them for £1 each from the bet365 Bingo schedule.

If you want to become the Bingo Champion, visit in August.

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