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Grand 55 At Robin Hood Bingo

Saturday, Nov. 19th 2016 5:38 AM

The man in green tights is well known for robbing from the rich to give to the poor, but when he and his band of merry men are not hiding out in Sherwood Forrest, they spend their time running Robin Hood Bingo. The big difference between their two jobs is that by day they are taking money and by night they are giving you the chance to win it through a range of cash filled games.

The Robin Hood Bingo schedule is packed full of big money games, no matter what time of the day or night you log in. At the end of the year they are kicking things up a gear with a massive jackpot game at 10pm on Saturday 31st December. What makes the Grand 55 game so special is that it comes complete with a sliding jackpot that starts off at a whopping £55,000.

Win Cards At Robin Hood Bingo

You might be wondering why we are bringing you details of a game that is still weeks away. Well, the reason is that Robin Hood Bingo are giving you the chance to earn cards through a series of qualifying games. Each evening until the night before the big game, they are hosting four qualifying games between 10:30pm and 10:45pm. The winners of these games will not only win the usual cash jackpots, but also cards for the grand final. If you are not lucky enough to win any, you can still take part by purchasing them for £5 each.

The games jackpot starts at £55,000 but as more and more balls are called, it will slide until it reaches a guaranteed level of £5,000 at 43 balls:

  • Call from 1 to 26 numbers to win £55,000
  • Call from 27 to 29 numbers to win £20,000
  • Call from 30 to 36 numbers to win £10,000
  • Call from 38 to 42 numbers to win £7,000

Those unfortunate players that just miss out on the jackpot will be able to console themselves with the runners up prizes, as Robin Hood Bingo have set aside £1,500 to be shared between the 1TG players and £1,000 for the 2TG players.

Win up to £55,000 at

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