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£35K Start To The New Year With 888Ladies

Wednesday, Dec. 21st 2016 7:03 AM

After Christmas we all quickly turn our attention to welcoming in the New Year and New Year’s Day often starts with a hangover after celebrating with friends and family (at least in our household). It’s usually about the time that many of us start really counting the cost of Christmas, both in the pounds we have added to our weight and the pounds we have spent. 888Ladies can’t do anything about the former, but a £35K jackpot game may contribute to lessening the worry of the latter.

It only takes one ticket to be a winner and buying one ticket has less cost than a lottery ticket. You can pre-buy your tickets for the game at a cost of just 75p each at 888Ladies. Another bonus of being able to pre-buy your cards is that if, like me, you may be suffering a hangover, you don’t have to miss out on the jackpot action.

The Community Jackpot At 888Ladies

One of the best things about this jackpot game, apart from being a winner of course, is that they don’t just give a share of the kitty to those that get lucky on the game!

This game is a community jackpot which means that a percentage of the prize money is put aside for those who aren’t winners but very nearly were. In this case, just under 30% of the prize pot is put to one side for the 1TG and 2TG losers in the game! There is £4,000 for those left with 2TG and £6,000 for those even closer with 1TG.

The remainder of the money will be split as follows:

  • One line winner will be £5,000 better off.
  • Two line winner will be celebrating with £8,000.
  • Full house winner will get 2017 off to a great start with a £12,000 cash prize!

Are you going to buy a ticket or two at

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