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Romcom Winathon At Film Bingo

Wednesday, Feb. 8th 2017 9:21 AM

Film Bingo have got their heart on their sleeve this month, at least when it comes to the promotional prizes on offer in their latest exclusive. They’ve gone a little mushy and romantic but not overboard in the Romcom Winathon and as the name suggests, it’s all about the romantic comedy for February.

We’re not all in a relationship, and some people actually despise Valentine’s Day, but for the most part we all get caught up in the romance as florists and card shops make a mint. At Film Bingo they are offering you the chance to win a brand new DVD player and a selection of romcoms to win. All you have to do is top their leaderboard by 23:59 on 28th February.

If you are a winner, you’ll have a choice to make; will you take the four DVD’s and the DVD player that the site is offering as the tangible prizes, or would you prefer to have them add £50 cash to your account balance at Film Bingo?

In It To Win It At Film Bingo

First of all you have to be in it to win it and get your name on the leaderboard. There are several different ways to score points and therefore increase your position and these are:

  • Win a full house win on the number 14 – you will get 5 points for every win your achieve
  • Win on the Love Heart / Heart pattern – your score will increase by 10 points
  • Win on the letter L pattern for Love – an addition of 10 points will be made to your score
  • For every £20 deposit you will be awarded 10 points
  • For every £20 wagered on the Guns N’ Roses slot you will have 10 points added to your score

So whether you are a bingo player or some who prefers the slots, there is a way to score on the leaderboard at, whatever your gaming preference.

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