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Free Fivers Dropped From Some Sites

Wednesday, Feb. 15th 2017 7:48 AM

When it comes to bingo, a no deposit required bonus is often a big enough pull for a player to look beyond the home page and actually register an account. Although most of the free play bonuses require you enter your financial details at registration, no money is taken until you choose to visit the cashier and make a deposit.

The Mandalay Media / Intertain portfolio of sites is the most prolific when it comes to this type of bonus but on Monday we saw several of their brands lose the no deposit bonus. Whilst several still have the £5 free deals, could it be that we are set to see them all drop over the coming months?

No More Free Fivers

The following sites from the group all had their no deposit required bonuses removed on Monday:

  • Angry Bingo
  • Bingola
  • Crocodile Bingo
  • Dino Bingo
  • Farmyard Bingo
  • Frozen Bingo
  • Giant Bingo
  • Season Bingo
  • Sparkly Bingo

However, whilst the above sites have lost their no deposit bonuses, there are still cash match bonuses on all sites when you complete your first transaction.

We enquired as to whether the other sites would also be losing their bonuses and the response was this:

At the moment we’re keeping the £5 free for all the other brands, we`re just removing the £5 free for the sites listed above.

It’s not unusual for operators to make changes to their bonus structure, in fact it is expected, but will this operator be making more changes over the coming months?

Free Fivers Remain

All of the following brands from Mandalay Media still have their £5 no deposit required bonuses currently but please note, we’re not sure how long they will remain.

  • City Bingo
  • Costa Bingo
  • Deep Sea Bingo
  • Fancy Bingo
  • Kingdom Of Bingo
  • Monkey Bingo
  • Rewind Bingo
  • Rio Bingo
  • Sing Bingo
  • Treasure Bingo
  • Wish Bingo

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