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£9.50 Holidays From Sun Bingo

Wednesday, Mar. 8th 2017 7:13 AM

One of the memories many of you may have is of your parents collecting the vouchers in The Sun for their £9.50 holidays. It could be that you yourself have collected them too. Earlier this year, the tokens were printed in the newspaper but now you are being given the opportunity to win one of the holidays by playing online bingo! Sun Bingo have over 30 games a day offering these holidays as prizes currently!

The promotion continues right up until the end of the month at Sun Bingo and with over half a month to go, that’s plenty of opportunities to bag yourself one of the bargain breaks! Best of all, the games offering these prizes have tickets priced at just 5p each!

Sun Bingo Holiday Sessions

There are quite a few of these games play daily across three different sessions. The first session offers four games, 30 minutes apart from 10:15 in the morning.

In the afternoon the games follow a similar pattern and play from 12:15 until 15:45 every 30 minutes. From 16:10 until 17:55 the games are more prolific with one every 15 minutes.

This continues through until the afternoon session which starts with the first game at 18:10 until 21:40 and are every 15 minutes.

All of these games have a prize pool as follows:

  • One line for £1
  • Two lines for £3
  • Full house for £9.50 holiday

Remember, these games are EVERY day of the promotion until the last day of March.

Big Money Holiday Game At Sun Bingo

If you fancy spending a little more on tickets for the chance to win something a bit more substantial than a £9.50 holiday then play the 21:55 game that offers a £1,000 holiday voucher for the full house winner!

Tickets are 25p each for this game and the one line and two line prizes at are a £9.50 holiday too.

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