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Sizzling Jackpots From 888Ladies

Saturday, Jun. 10th 2017 5:39 AM

We really wish the weather would decide what it wants to do as we never know how to dress. We risk going out in the morning in shorts and a t-shirt and come home regretting not wearing our winter woolies for another week! Whilst those 888Ladies can’t do anything about the sun, they can make sure that there is a month full of sizzling jackpots to keep your mind off the rain.

Sizzling Jackpot games are running daily until Sunday 2nd July with a special 888Ladies game each evening at 9pm. The good news is that cards for these games are just a penny each, so taking part won’t break the bank. Every night there is £30 up for grabs, and with these being 75-ball bingo games, the full amount will be going to one lucky roomie.

Weekend Fun At 888Ladies

The rest of 888Ladies Sizzling Jackpots are running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for the next four weeks, and in total, there is a whopping £12,000 up for grabs. The Sizzling Friday games run at 9pm and cards will cost you just 5p each. Each week there is £500 worth of prize money to be won, with a £300 full house and £100 each for the one and two line winners.

On Saturday night, the prize pot is increased to £1,000 but cards will cost you 10p each. Don’t worry, this does not mean you have to miss out on your usual night out, as they can be pre-purchased from the 888Ladies lobby before you book your taxi! The full house winners will walk away with £500, the two line winners £300 and the one line winners £200 each.

888Ladies ae rounding off the fun every Sunday night with one of their 5-Line bingo games. Cards for these games are 15p each but every one comes with a £1,500 prize pot. The full house winners will receive £600 and the four, three, two and one line winners, £100 each. The remaining £500 has been put to one side and will be split between everyone that misses out by the dreaded 1TG.

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