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Jackpot Joy’s Bingo Bazaar

Saturday, Aug. 26th 2017 4:26 AM

Jackpot Joy‘s Queen of Bingo is a very special monarch and one that likes to ensure her roomies are kept entertained at all times. Just because August is approaching an end, does not mean there is not enough time for her to slip in one final promotion, so if you log in this weekend, make sure you check out her Bingo Bazaar.

Jackpot Joy‘s Bingo Bazaar is a special chat game promotion, running tonight and tomorrow night between 9pm and 10pm in their Sapphire room. As long as you have wagered a minimum of £2 during the past seven days, you will be eligible to take part, and during these hours, the first ball called will determine which of the three chat games will be played.

The Jackpot Joy Randomizer

There will be a choice of three chat games available in the Bingo Bazaar:

  • Hook A Duck if a ball numbered 1 to 30 is called first
  • Hoopla Stall if a ball numbered 31 to 60 is called first
  • Play Your Cards Right if a ball numbered 61 to 70 is called first

Once the game has been chosen, the Jackpot Joy host on duty will run through the rules, ensuring everyone knows what they are doing.

Jackpot Joy Chat Games Rules

If you want to make sure you are up to speed before the night, these are the rules for the three chat games that will be played:

Hook a Duck

You will be asked to choose three numbers that you think will appear during the next game. If all three make an appearance then you will win £20, if two show up you’ll receive £5 and if just one comes out, you’ll get £2.

Hoopla Stall

You will be issued with seven numbers by the Jackpot Joy host. These numbers will represent your block and you will receive £2 for each one called. If you fill your block with all seven numbers however, you will receive £20.

Play Your Cards Right

Each player that wins a game will be asked to decide whether the winning number on the next game is higher or lower than the previous one. If guess correctly, you win £5.

Take part in the Bingo Bazaar chat games at

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