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Gala Bingo’s Happy Hub

Saturday, Sep. 16th 2017 4:41 AM

Online Bingo is not just about big money games and the chance to win fantastic prizes. The social side of the game is equally important, and for some people, being able to log in and chat with friends each day can be just as therapeutic as an hour on the doctor’s couch. Gala Bingo appreciate this and that is why they have worked long and hard to create their Happy Hub.

The Happy Hub is one of those tabs you have probably seen a dozen times but not taken the time to click because you were too eager to start playing. You really should check it out though as it is packed full of news, chat, quizzes, promotions and so much more. Gala Bingo‘s Happy Hub is their one stop shop for everything community relates and shows their dedication to their bingo family.

Gala Bingo News

The news section is where you will find a wealth of interesting features. If you think of the Gala Bingo Happy Hub as one of those coffee table magazines then you won’t go far wrong. It’s in here that you will find the Bingo Wings Challenge, Horoscopes, celebrity news and a selection of interesting entertainment and current affairs quizzes. You’ll also be able to read about Gala Bingo winners and catch up on all those winning moments that you might have missed along the way.

Gala Bingo’s 52 Lives

This year, Gala Bingo teamed up with 52 Lives which is a global charity that is intent on changing one person’s life each week. Their aim was to raise a total of £52,000 so they could help 52 people. They have achieved this through several different promotions and donations from their generous roomies, and you can read all about it under the 52 Lives tab in the Happy Hub. You can also nominate someone you think could do with a little help right now and fingers crossd, they could be picked as one of the weekly recipients.

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