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Progressive Jackpots At Lucky Pants Bingo

Saturday, Sep. 23rd 2017 4:10 AM

A progressive jackpot is no normal jackpot, as it keeps on growing and growing until it is won by a lucky player winning a game in a pre-determined number of balls or less. This is great news for you player’s because not only does it add to the excitement of the game, buy you usually end up winning more money. Lucky Pants Bingo is home to eight such jackpots.

Lucky Pants Bingo is a brand that treats all players equally, so it does not matter if you prefer the traditional 75 and 90 ball games, or something a little different such as High Cute, Low Cut, Lucky Numbers or any of the other variations they have created, you will find a special game waiting just for you.

Traditional Games At Lucky Pants Bingo

For those of you that prefer the traditional games we have all come to know and love, Lucky Pants Bingo have their daily progressive jackpots, giving you the chance to win thousands of pounds worth of prizes:

75 Ball Progressive

  • When – Daily between 1pm and Midnight
  • Where – The Red Hearts room
  • Prize – Starts are £8,000
  • How – Win on the special W pattern in 17 balls or less

90 Ball Progressive

  • When – Daily between 8am and 1am
  • Where – The Fat Cat, After Dark and Lucky Stripes rooms
  • Prize – Starts are £10,000
  • How – Win a full house games in 31 balls or less

Prizes Galore At Lucky Pants Bingo

Whilst the rest of Lucky Pants Bingo’s progressive jackpots cannot match up the 75 and 90 ball games in terms of value, they more than make up for it in fun. Low Cut games, High Cut games, Lucky Number games, Magic Number games, Mystery Hours and Party Games are running seven days a week and across all their rooms at different times of the day, ensuring everyone can join in the fun. It’s not just cash you can win either, as their Goodie Bag games come packed full of Experience Days vouchers that can be used to pay for all manner of exciting (or relaxing) days out.

Win a progressive jackpot or two at

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Progressive Jackpots - Lucky Pants Bingo

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