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Home Sweet Home At Wish Bingo

Wednesday, Nov. 29th 2017 4:20 AM

How is your house looking at the moment? We must admit that ours is looking a bit worse for wear, and all those little jobs we have been putting off for months are starting to catch up with us. What makes it worse is that in a few weeks’ time, friends and family will be dropping round to deliver gifts and judge the state of our decorating! Don’t fret though because the Wish Bingo genie is here to lend a hand with his Home Sweet Home promotion.

You would think that the big blue genie would simply use his magic and make all those decorating jobs vanish, but where is the fun in that? Instead, he has opted to host a very special Wish Bingo game, and is giving his roomies the chance to win an Ikea shopping vouchers that is sure to come in handy over the coming weeks.


Wish Bingo’s Big Game

If you want to take part in Wish Bingo’s Home Sweet Home game, then you will need to be quick as it’s taking place tomorrow night at 9pm. Don’t worry if you already have something planned for the evening as you can pre-purchase your cards in advance and they will automatically be played for you. Alternatively, take your smartphone out with you, as you can log on and join in the fun from the palm of your hand, regardless of where you are. You can play with a minimum of 1 card or up to a maximum of 96, and they will cost you just 10p each.

Wish Bingo Prizes

If you are lucky enough to win the 75-ball Home Sweet Home game, you’ll find yourself heading to everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture retailer with a £250 gift card in your back pocket, which should be enough to fund all those decorating essentials and maybe even a few finishing touches. If the idea of going shopping this side of Christmas fills you with dread, you can opt to take £250 real cash instead. In addition to this, Wish Bingo have also lined up £100 cash to be split between the 1TG players and £50 for the 2TG players.

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