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Memorable New Advert From Sun Bingo

Wednesday, Feb. 28th 2018 7:22 AM

Sun Bingo are back advertising their wares on television and we have to say that it is unequivocally one of the best, if not the best, online bingo commercial that we have seen. The reason we are giving it such a high accolade is that it doesn’t just sidestep the blue rinse brigade persona that bingo has held for a while, it sells the game as fun, hip and able to laugh at itself.

Jayde Adams may not be a name that you know, but she is the star of the Sun Bingo advert and with great directing, an impressive storyboard and catchy tune to bring it all together, this commercial is one that is going to stick in your mind long after the advert break!

Bringing Fun Back At Sun Bingo

Jayde Adams is a comedian from Bristol. She won the Funny Women award in 2014 and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2016. She has appeared along side Russell Howard and has been a panelist on 8 Out Of 10 Cats.

She brings her chavvy character to life in the commercial but it’s the full length, all 2:01 of it, that really gets you smiling so if you’ve not yet seen it, click the image below to enjoy the full experience!

Great Lines From Sun Bingo

Now you’ve seen the advert in its entirety, what was it that brought a grin to your face (if anything) about the offering from Sun Bingo? We particularly liked the horse but were also impressed with the following part of the parodied version of Funky Dee’s “Are you gonna bang doe?”

Get French tips, but are you gonna bingo?
Got fake tits (although tits is bleeped out), but are you gonna bingo?
Face lift, but are you gonna bingo?
All I wanna know is are you gonna bingo?

We popped along to Twitter to see what social media thought of the new advert. These are just some of the tweets we found:

@NicholleB said

That new “are you gonna bingo” ad makes me want to poke my eyes and ears out but I also feel like they ripped off that girl who wrote the “yeah but did you die tho?” song. It’s literally the exact same song

@franielizabeth said

That “are you gonna bingo” advert makes me want to kick the tv in.

@Archieb991 said

Are you gonna Bingo? Weirdly catchy advert!! #tippingpoint

@LucePearsonx3 said

The Sun Bingo “are you gonna bingo” actually cracks me up

We love the ad for but what do you think?

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