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On The UP At Butlers Bingo

Saturday, Jun. 9th 2018 7:56 AM

Butlers Bingo ran a hugely successful promotion back in December 2017 where they offered their players the chance to win a brand new Hynudai i20. We never did hear who the winner was, or how many calls it took to land the prize but it’s back again, this time with a different car up for grabs!

The car on offer in the latest promotion from Butlers Bingo is a Volkswagen up and like the previous offer, you have to call bingo in a specific number of calls to land yourself the top prize. The starting point was 40 but currently the ball count is 41.

Please note that this promotion ends on 30th June 2018

Ball Count Increases At Butlers Bingo

The ball count to win increases regularly and yesterday saw it rise to 41 calls. It will remain at this point until 14th June. On 15th it will rise to 42 where is will stay until 21st. At this point it will increase again to 43 until 28th June.

29th June and we hit 44 numbers before the 30th June, between 7pm and 8pm where the first full house caller on a Win A Car game will take home the top prize!

The Prize From Butlers Bingo

The player who does call bingo in the required number will take home a Volkswagen Up, or they have the option to take a £10,000 cash alternative if they wish.

It is the cash alternative that will be shared amongst the eligible winners if two or more call on the same required ball count.

Please note that this promotion is being run across several different sites so that car could be won a Glossy Bingo, Bingo Diamond, Dotty Bingo, Rosy Bingo or of course,

Butlers Bingo - Win A Car

T&C’s taken from the relevant promotional page at Butlers Bingo

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