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The £5,000 Tea Cup At Gala Bingo

Thursday, Jun. 21st 2018 7:28 AM

Thursday 14th June saw the World Cup kick off in Russia and on Tuesday 18th June, England played their first match against Tunisia and WON! World Cup fever is now in full swing but for some of us, we prefer our balls numbered and coloured. Gala Bingo are hosting their own tournament, the Tea Cup 2018, and up for grabs every week is a £5,000 prize pot.

Like the World Cup, you have to qualify at Gala Bingo and there are three qualifying periods remaining. Make the cut to the Semi Final and you’ll be playing for bigger prizes. Get through to the Final and there is even more to be won.

Please note that this promotion ends of 15th July 2018

Qualifying Games At Gala Bingo

The remaining three qualifying game periods are as follows:

  • 22nd June until 28th June with the Semi Finals playing on 29th June
  • 29th June until 5th July with the Semi Finals playing on 6th July
  • 6th July until 12th July with the Semi Finals playing on 13th July

There will be two games every hour in wish you can earn tickets for the Semi Final. These play between midday and midnight daily. Tickets cost 10p each and the prize money and tickets will be as follows:

  • One line for £10 + one Semi Final ticket
  • Two lines for £20 + one Semi Final ticket
  • Full house for £30 + one Semi Final ticket

You can win a maximum of 90 tickets for the related Semi Final. They play at 9pm on a Friday night and you can also buy tickets at a cost of 50p each if you wish. The prize money for these games are:

  • One line for £500 cash + six tickets for the Final
  • Two lines for £1,500 cash + six tickets for the Final
  • Full house for £2,500 cash + six tickets for the Final

There will also be £500 to be shared amongst all players who didn’t get lucky.

The Final At Gala Bingo

The Final, well this is a bit more complicated when it comes to prize money because each time England play, £5,000 is added to the total. There will also be £5,000 added if England get knocked out of the World Cup.

The table below is taken from the page at and explains things better than we can. Additionally, check out the full Terms and Conditions below.

Prize Original Pay-out For each extra £5,000 Example Above Pay-out
One Line £500 £500 £1,500
Two Line £1,000 £1,500 £4,000
Full House £2,500 £3,000 £8,500
Roll On Bingo 10 x £100 (£1,000) £0 10 x £100 (£1,000)

Gala Bingo - Tea Cup

T&C’s taken from the Gala Bingo promotional page

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