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Crystal Maze Bingo At Jackpot Joy

Thursday, Oct. 11th 2018 4:53 PM

There’s a new game that’s landed at Jackpot Joy and it’s another themed game. This time it’s a retro game show that has been recently revived on TV; it’s the Crystal Maze! The bingo game takes a selection of the features from the TV show and uses them to create extra winning opportunities for players.

The Crystal Maze was first on our screens in 1990 and hosted by Richard O’Brien at that point. It came back on our screens in 2017 and was then hosted by Richard Ayoade. Neither of these two presenters are seen during the game of Crystal Maze Bingo at Jackpot Joy.

Playing Crystal Maze Bingo

There are four ‘waiting rooms’ in the game and each can be seen on your screen. Just before the game starts one of the following four is picked at random by the spinner.

  • Aztec
  • Medieval
  • Futuristic
  • Industrial

The zone just changes the colour and theme of the background to the main bingo game at Jackpot Joy. The game itself plays in the same way as a traditional game of 90 ball bingo at the site.

As well as the usual one line, two lines and full house prize available, there is a Progressive Jackpot that can be won if you call in 38 numbers or less.

Crystal Maze Bingo - Main Game

Crystal Maze Bingo – The Main Game

Crystal Maze Bingo Bonus Round

When the main game is over you have the option to play the bonus round, The Crystal Dome. This is where contestants from the TV series had to collect golden tickets to win prizes. Like the TV show, online players have to click gold tickets to earn free tickets for the next game. The more you score, the more freebies you will have.

Crystal Maze Bingo - Bonus Round

Crystal Maze Bingo – The Bonus Round

You earn free tickets for your individual score AND the community score when playing the bonus round.

  • One ticket for a score up to 39
  • Two tickets for a score of up to 69
  • Four tickets for a score of up to 99
  • Six tickets for a score of up to 100

Please note that in order to play the bonus Dome game, you are required to have purchased at least six tickets in the main game at

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