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Gala Bingo Introduces Hot House Bingo

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd 2018 8:48 PM

When it comes to bingo, there’s a whole plethora of themed games available on the Playtech / Virtue Fusion platform. Some are on offer at all sites using the popular software, but others are exclusive to particular brands. Hot House Bingo is one such themed game and it’s only available to play currently at Gala Bingo.

Whilst Hot House Bingo is a 90 ball game, the tickets do not look like your traditional 90 ball tickets. Instead, the cards have all 15 numbers on but with no blanks. Rather than three rows with five numbers and two blanks on each, this game at Gala Bingo has five rows each with three numbers on.

Hot House Bingo Payouts

In addition to the difference in the bingo cards, the way the game pays prizes is also different.

You don’t win prizes for lines, you win a prize that is determined by three factors. These are:

  • The number on which you call the full house on (all 15 numbers).
  • The value of the pot prize for that set of numbers.
  • How many other players called the full house.

A game does not end until ALL 90 balls have been called.

Results From Playing Hot House Bingo

We have played a few games at Gala Bingo and the results were as follows:

We spent 90p on the first game (three tickets) and the prizes were:

  • £19.62 for the numbers 1 to 68
  • £0.00 for the numbers 69 to 79
  • £24.50 for the numbers 80 to 82
  • £0.00 for the numbers 83 to 89
  • £4.90 on the number 90

There were the following winners:

  • Three players shared £19.62
  • We won on the second set of numbers but didn’t win anything as there was nothing in the pot.
  • £24.50 was shared by 14 players and we won £1.75.
  • No prize in this section but one of our tickets won.
  • £4.90 was shared amongst 27 players.

We really enjoyed playing Hot House Bingo at and we think you will too.

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