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Some youngsters having a game of BingoHello and welcome to Bingo Codes. I’m David, the writer and creator of the site. My aim for this site is for it to be a trusted destination for online bingo players.

As the webmaster of this site, I wanted to put together a quality site that reflected my interest in the game and my knowledge of what makes good online bingo and offers players a good time and great value. The site has been regularly updated since November 2006, and continues to be a great source for online bingo players looking for bingo promotions and exclusive bingo codes.

I have to start by saying there’s a lot of dodgy sites out there, both about bingo and where you can play bingo. Bingo Codes is different, it’s one of the few sites about UK bingo that’s run by someone who actually plays the game on a regular basis, both off and online. In fact, my whole family plays bingo, across 3 generations of us. I use my family as a filter for what makes good online bingo. Basically, if I’m not happy for my nan or my mum to go play it online, I won’t feature it at the site.

There’s a lot of sites that will promote rubbish bingo sites to make a quick buck. This site, like all sites about online bingo, work on a commercial basis. I receive money from online bingo suppliers for referring people to their sites. I think it’s important you realise this. I also think it’s important you realise the same about most bingo sites, as it gives you an idea of the incentives for running a site like this.

But, and it’s an important but, as the owner of this site, I make a point of testing every site I feature. I look for a range of things like value for money, security, ease of use and more. If I don’t feel a site is up to scratch, I won’t feature it. If I think a site has issues, I will mention them in the review. It’s important to me that I be as honest as possible about what I’m promoting in the posts here, so you can rest assured the information here is amongst the best you’ll find about online bingo offers.

Why do I love the game of bingo so much? Well, it’s a great way to get out the house and meet old friends, have a nice quiet night out with my partner and I enjoy socialising with other bingo players and the friendly staff at many bingo clubs. A lot of this buzz can be had online as well, with the added benefit of not having to leave the house! I also love the free gifts, the great value meals and the cheap booze you get in a good bingo club. Online bingo doesn’t offer that just yet, but you never know! And of course, it’s always nice to get a big win once in a while.

Having worked in the Bingo industry as a caller and spent a lot of time working in the web world, I like to think I have a good idea about what works for online bingo as both a player and someone who’s worked behind the scenes. I hope my love for the game comes through in my posts and the information on the site, and if you want to get ahead of the game and get the best new offers and promotions, you’ve come to the right place. And don’t forget, make sure you’ve signed up for the newsletter.

All the best! Bingo Dave
June 2008