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90, 80 & 75 Ball Bingo Variants

The popularity of online bingo is growing from strength to strength and this is largely to the variety of the bingo games that are now on offer which enables you to pick and choose what games you would prefer to play. The main varieties that you will find at most sites are:

90 Ball

If you play bingo at your local high street bingo hall then you will be extremely familiar with this version of the game as this is the traditional bingo game that is played every day. As the name suggests there are 90 balls that could be called during this game.

Each bingo card is made up of 3 lines with 9 columns but each line only has 5 numbers on it with blanks in the other 4 columns.The aim of the game is to be the first player to get 5 numbers for a 1 line win, 10 numbers first for 2 lines and all 15 numbers for a full house win. But if you are a lucky player, then you could also win the progressive jackpot, as well as your full house prize pot, if you manage to complete your card within the required number of calls to claim this jackpot.

If you like to manually daub your cards then you probably won’t want to play the speed versions that can be found at some bingo sites as I dare you to keep up with the caller!

75 Ball

The other common variety of bingo game that you will find at most bingo sites is the 75 ball version or pattern bingo as it is sometimes called.

Your bingo card is a square made up of 5 columns across and 5 rows down where the centre square is normally a blank. The aim of this game is to be the first player to complete the pattern required, some of the popular patterns are numbers and letters but another firm favourite are the coverall jackpot games, where as the name suggests, you have to fill your card.

A few sites other variations on the pattern bingo where you have more than 1 chance to win such as sub patterns and then coverall or the 1 line, 2 lines Scandinavian style game.

80 Ball

There are only a few sites that offer this version of the bingo game that is based around the traditional seaside ‘shutterboard’ game that could be played in arcades. Your bingo card consists of a total of 16 squares, 4 rows across and down giving you 4 chances to win by completing a 1 line, 2 lines etc. Every time that a number that is on your card is called the corresponding square is pulled across.

Other Variants

Tombola is one of the most innovative sites around and they are regularly coming up with new bingo games with a twist.The newest of which is their Bingo 50 game where your card is made up of bubble wrap with 5 tickets, each of which has 2 lines.The aim of the game is to be the first to ‘pop’ all the numbers on your line or ticket to claim the 1 line and/or full house prize.

Tombola Bingo also gives you two other variations, Cinco and Bingo Roulette.The Cinco game is card based and offers you the chance to play up to 5 hands, each of which consists of 5 playing cards.Whereas Bingo Roulette is a combination of Bingo and Roulette but unlike Roulette you get more than 1 spin of the board.The wheel is spun numerous times until a player gets all 8 of their coloured chips.

Another card based game is the Jackpot Joker game that is found at any of the bingo sites that uses the Virtue Fusion software platform. Each card gives you 2 chances to win, fill in the 4 cards needed to make the J pattern or get all 9 cards needed to cover your card.If you complete the full card.

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