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Choosing A Bingo Site To Play At

As the number of players playing bingo online is increasing it is worth looking at the things to consider when deciding which bingo site to join is the right one for you. There are many different things that could influence your decision such as a well-known brand name, reviews, plenty of choice, sign-up bonuses etc.

Brand Name

A bingo sites name and reputation go a long way to make it a popular choice to attract new players’ to its website. Probably the best well known brand names would have to be bingo sites that are linked to the high street such as Gala, Mecca, William Hill and Ladbrokes as you are likely to come across in your everyday life.

But with the ever increasing advertising campaigns hitting our TV screens and magazines, many of the lesser known sites are now attracting players to their site with their popular adverts, one that springs to mind is the catchy Foxy Bingo TV ads.


Personally, I think the best way to find out which is the best bingo site to join is to read the reviews that have been written about the site, especially reviews that have been written by players who play at the site as these will give you all the pros and cons about the site.


This is the biggie as choice could mean so many different things such as what bingo varieties are on offer, software and whether to download or not, cash and free bingo games, number of games rooms available.

Each player has their own personal preference as to whether they prefer to play 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo games and also whether or not they like to play the side games that are found at nearly all of the bingo sites. So it will be a case of you checking out for yourself that your chosen bingo site gives you the choice of games that you like.

Another point worth considering is whether or not you need to download any bingo software before you can start to play. The non-download software gives players more flexibility as this means that they can play anywhere on any software, whereas if you play at a site where you need to download software you are only able to play if you have the software on the PC you are using so if you are on a shared PC such as in a library or an internet café then you won’t be able to play as you are unlikely to have the software you need. With regards to sites where you don’t need to download any software to play, you might have a preference as to what software you prefer so would specifically search out for sites that use that software platform.

Your budget might also be a big consideration as to the cost of bingo tickets at your chosen site, do they offer a range of ticket prices and also are there free bingo games on offer too?

Finally are there enough bingo rooms for you to choose to play in? There is nothing worse than being in a chat room with 100+ other players as the odds of you winning are likely to be reduced whereas if you play in a smaller bingo room, say with 20 to 30 players, you should hopefully have a better chance to enjoy a few wins.

Sign-up Offers

Another consideration that might swing your decision is to whether there is any free money on offer when you complete registration or what deposit bonuses are available on your first deposit and subsequent cash deposits.

Other Things That Might Be Worth Considering

Some other things that might influence your decision are promotions and loyalty schemes. Does your chosen site offer players plenty of chances to win extra bonus points or prizes in special games, tournaments etc? Also is there a loyalty scheme in place where regular players get rewarded with extra incentives such as VIP schemes to receive birthday/Christmas bonuses, increased deposit bonuses and so on.

A couple of other factors that might influence your decision are wagering requirements and withdrawal limits as these could determine what restrictions there could be in place that could prevent you making a withdrawal should you be lucky enough to win.

In Conclusion

When all’s said and done, often the best way to decide if a clubs up to it is to actually join and try it out. Always check where the site is registered / licensed – certain areas are better than others for the quality of the sites at them. That’s a whole another article though that we will cover elsewhere at a later date.

Don’t be lulled by the size of the sign-up bonus either. Some of the best sites out there have really poor sign-up offers. They concentrate on one giving great bingo rather than getting lots of players in who don’t stay around once they’ve tried out their free money. And don’t forget, if you’re at a site and you find you don’t like it, the way it’s set up or the terms and conditions, move on to another site and try again. You can play at as many as you like.

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