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You will find that most bingo sites offer players the chance to play for and win various types of jackpots such as progressive jackpots, snowball jackpots, coverall jackpot games or guaranteed jackpot games. The types of jackpot games vary from site to site so you will normally find that there is a combination of these jackpot games on offer. So what is the difference between the different types of jackpots and what makes them so popular with bingo players?

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a prize pot that generally starts out at a set amount, say £100, and then increases in line with the sale of bingo tickets and will be won, along with the games prize pot, if you bingo within a specified number of calls. Once a progressive jackpot is won this will then revert back to the original starting value and will then increase steadily all over again. As the progressive prize pots tend to grow to some impressive amounts these games tend to be extremely popular with players who are willing to spend for the chance to win big.

For bingo sites that offer a 90 ball progressive jackpot this is normally play for every game but only the full house winner is in for a shot of claiming the jackpot if they are lucky enough to complete their bingo card within the number of calls required.

If a bingo site offers a progressive jackpot on their 75 ball games, this is generally played as a special game which is played at certain times. You will need to check with each bingo site as to how often these games are played as some sites only offer the progressive jackpot at certain times of the day in a specified bingo room whereas others will play the games at random times throughout the day across all of their 75 ball bingo rooms.

Snowball Jackpots

As the name suggests this is a jackpot that rolls up like a snowball until such time as it is claimed but unlike a progressive jackpot the number of calls required to claim the jackpot also increases and not just the prize pot.

For example, the starting point to win the jackpot could be £100 and 35 calls but then the prize pot would increase based on the amount of ticket sales and the number of calls would increase, generally by 1 call, within a specified timescale such as maybe every 2 days until the jackpot is eventually won. This would then roll back to the original starting point of £100 and 35 calls.

Coverall Jackpots

This is a 75 ball pattern game where, as you might expect from the name, the whole bingo card needs to be filled to win the jackpot prize on offer. The games will start with a set jackpot amount and once the number of calls reaches a certain point the cash prize pot will reduce until such time as it reaches its minimum payout jackpot. If you are lucky enough to cover all of your numbers before the minimum payout you will claim the jackpot amount based on the number of balls called. All bingo sites that offer these coverall jackpot games provide scales of the amount to be won based on the number of balls called.

Guaranteed Jackpots

As the name suggests these are jackpot games which are played for a guaranteed cash amount so you know exactly how much you will win, unless of course more than one person wins, then they will get an equal share of the prize pot.

Originally these tended to be found only on 75 ball coverall games where instead of the amount reducing, the jackpot amount stayed constant irrespective of how many calls had been made and the winner would win this cash prize.

It is interesting to see that more and more bingo sites are now starting to offer these guaranteed jackpots on their 90 ball bingo games which means that even more players get the chance to win as there are three prizes on offer, the first for getting a 1 line win, the second for completing 2 lines and the final prize for getting a full house win.

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