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15 Bingo Network

The 15 Network is one of the newest around with the first brand opening in 2011 (a rebrand of the Quiz Show Bingo), but new sites are being added on a regular basis. Several brands have already joined the 15 Network but talk in the industry is of this growing into a popular network.

That aside, the 15 Network is still one of the smallest on the Internet and that means lower player numbers and more chances to win. If you like a more personalised, friendly bingo experience with plenty of chat then you may find this network appeals to you.

So far, the sites launched on this network, using the Jumpman Gaming software (originally known as Bingo Vision), have looked promising. They’re bright and snazzy, the games play well and the promotions and offers are varied and appealing.

The 15 Network is definitely one to keep an eye on as it’s run by 15 Marketing, and they’re already a big name in online bingo. The brand own a number of other networked bingo brands and portals.

15 Network Bingo Sites

Below is a list of sites that we have featured here at Bingo Codes from the 15 Network. Simply click the image for the brand you wish to try.

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