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Memorable New Advert From Sun Bingo

Wednesday, Feb. 28th 2018 7:22 AM

Sun Bingo are back advertising their wares on television and we have to say that it is unequivocally one of the best, if not the best, online bingo commercial that we have seen. The reason we are giving it such a high accolade is that it doesn’t just sidestep the blue rinse brigade persona that bingo has held for a while, it sells the game as fun, hip and able to laugh at itself.

Jayde Adams may not be a name that you know, but she is the star of the Sun Bingo advert and with great directing, an impressive storyboard and catchy tune to bring it all together, this commercial is one that is going to stick in your mind long after the advert break!

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Do The #Meccarena With Mecca Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 17th 2018 7:45 AM

Unless you’re someone who watches very little television, the chances are you will have already seen the new marketing campaign from Mecca Bingo. Even if you don’t watch TV but the family do, you may have heard the tune of the advert at least and it’s one that you’ll remember if you are of a certain age. It was back in 1994 that Los Del Rio released the Macarena, an iconic song with it’s very own dance moves.

That song has now become the theme song for Mecca Bingo but it has been parodied and is now called the #Meccarena. The dance moves remain very similar, it’s simply the words of the song that have changed.

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Free £5 From Game Village Bingo

Wednesday, Apr. 22nd 2015 7:10 AM

When a bingo brand launches an offline marketing campaign, especially when it is television advertising, more often than not they will change their welcome bonus to include a no deposit required bonus. It’s only sensible when you have invested money in advertising to make your welcome offer more appealing and that is what Game Village Bingo have done. If we’re honest, they certainly need to do something because the advert is REALLY bad.

If you are a new player to Game Village Bingo then you are eligible for the £5 no deposit required bonus just for signing up to play. Whilst you cannot withdraw any winnings with first making a deposit, the free money gives you the opportunity to try before you buy…

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300% Bonus + 100 Slot Spins Free From Kitty Bingo

Wednesday, Oct. 1st 2014 7:45 AM

Kitty Bingo are currently back on our television sets with a new advert, one that sees the cat ladies retired to stroke their pussies away from the viewers eyes. The current commercial for this brand has a new star, Fido and he too is a four-legged friend but not to the kitties! Fido is a dog and one who is tormented by the feline star of the commercial on order to advertise the welcome bonus on offer to new players at the site.

The current deal at Kitty Bingo is a 300% cash match bonus AND 100 free slots spins. It is the latter that Fido is used for. The cat slaps his tail in turn causing Fido to chase it, the tail not the cat. As he rotates in circles the cat voiceover says ‘There are easy ways to get free spins’ before waxing lyrical about the new offer from this brand.

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£10 Free Voucher Back At Iceland Bingo

Wednesday, Sep. 3rd 2014 7:42 AM

Iceland Bingo are now sponsoring Dickenson’s Real Deal and to celebrate they have reinstated a previous deal that sees new players get a little something more than the 300% cash match bonus previously offered. New players registering their first account with this brand will get £30 free when they deposit £10 but in addition to that there is the chance to get a £10 Iceland voucher free too!

We’ve not yet seen the bumpers advertising Iceland Bingo in the commercial breaks of Dickenson’s Real Deal and wonder if they feature the shop front as the previous advert did? It’s irrelevant really, we are sure you would rather have details about how to claim the cash match and £10 free voucher.

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Helen Flanagan Plays Goddess At Bingo Godz

Saturday, Feb. 22nd 2014 7:00 AM

Have you visited Bingo Godz in the last couple of days? If not you may have missed the arrival of ex-Corrie star Helen Flanagan who is currently appearing at the site as Helena the Mancunian Goddess of Love.

Judging by the pictures, Helen has moved on a little since her days of little Rosie Webster in the well known soap, she certainly looks all grown up in the Bingo Godz promotional shots with her flame red hair and angelic outfit!

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Fly For Free With Foxy Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd 2014 7:50 AM

Foxy Bingo is a brand that most people know whether they are a bingo player or not. Excellent marketing and branding has contributed to this, that and a mascot that is like marmite – you either love him or hate him. In addition to the great advertising for the brand (the latest commercial has just been aired) there are also pretty impressive promotions to be found at the site ensuring that players come back time and time again.

The latest gives you the chance to win a holiday every day from now until 2nd February but what is best about this promotion is that you can fly for free with Foxy Bingo, tickets for the special prize games are FREE!

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Mel B, The New Face Of Costa Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2014 11:59 AM

When you visit Costa Bingo now you are greeted by something really scary, well she used to be anyway! Scary Spice aka Mel B is the new face of this brand but honestly, we just don’t get it. We’ve seen many a brand have celebrity endorsements over the years – Foxy Bingo and Katie Price, Vic Reeves and 888Ladies, Brits Bingo and Gavin Henson but Mel B and Costa Bingo, where is the player connection?

Mel B was big in the mid to late 90’s but isn’t a name that we’d ever pick as the face of online bingo, far from it in fact. When you land on the home page of Costa Bingo now she is seen squeezing Sunny between her thumb and forefinger and leaning against the page in a skimpy outfit – could this be an attempt to attract more men through the doors of the site?

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