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NONONO For 888Ladies Commercial

Wednesday, Dec. 4th 2013 7:12 AM

888Ladies have advertised their brand intermittently on the small screen with the most famous of their commercials featuring Vic Reeves. This was then followed by a selection of adverts that really seemed to disconnect with the player before we then saw the site bring back Vic.

The new 888Ladies commercial starts with green paper unfolding over a pile of coins, the paper unfolds to reveal the shape of the United Kingdom. As is does so the voiceover tells the viewer ‘At 888Ladies it is you that makes our bingo great’ as several different photos are pinned to the map. The background music is a song from NONONO and called Pumpin Blood.

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Kitty Bingo Launch New Ad Campaign

Saturday, Oct. 19th 2013 7:46 AM

Many online brands advertise on the television now and bingo sites are no different. Some bingo ads are good, some not so good, and one of our favourite was the 2012 ad from Kitty Bingo, featuring a traditional movie baddie and his evil feline. The ad was inspired and we loved it, but now the brand has followed that up with a new series of adverts, and in our opinion they are absolutely dire!

Now everyone is going to have the same taste for ads, what some players find hilarious, others are going to dislike, but the new Kitty Bingo ad is like an advert for the Cats Trust or the RSPCA; a feline dating site? Yeah, maybe, but it doesn’t make us want to log on and play bingo.

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Bingo Godz First Advert

Saturday, Sep. 28th 2013 7:34 AM

Bingo Godz have certainly made a huge crash on the bingo world, having quite an impact. They’ve barely been out of the news since they launched, with several big promotions, a PR stunt in Liverpool, and now the brand have launched their first advert in apocalyptic fashion!

The sky turns grey, the end of the world is night. Well, no actually, it’s just the appearance of the Bingo Godz for this brand new advert, and now the brand is offering a free fiver to new players too, it’s likely to pull a few in.

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Bingo Godz Promote Upcoming Mobile Launch

Saturday, Sep. 7th 2013 7:34 AM

Bingo Godz is the newest bingo game to hit our screens, and so far it’s proving popular with players, who seem to be enjoying working through the levels and meeting the Godz on the way. Now we hear that the site is to launch a mobile platform too, and a little promotional stunt at the Liverpool Canal helped to promote the launch, set for September 13th.

Bingo Godz is a unique social bingo game, offering something we’ve never seen before, and seeing the actual Godz walk on water at Liverpool Canal, in front of the Liver building recently was pretty unique too.

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TV Advert For Winner Bingo

Wednesday, Jul. 24th 2013 7:06 AM

When it comes to advertising on television many online gaming companies have come under scrutiny by the Advertising Standards Agency because their bonus terms and conditions are not clear during the commercial. The same cannot be said of the advertising for Winner Bingo because the moment the £10 free offer appears in the advert, the 4x wagering requirements appear on the screen too.

We believe this to be a good thing; transparency is something we need to see more of in the world of online gaming (excuse the pun!) so hats off to Winner Bingo. But what of the rest of the commercial, is it eye catching?

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Vinnie Jones Stars in Bingo Commercial

Wednesday, May. 22nd 2013 7:10 AM

If you had to think about which celebrity you would be most shocked to see starring in a bingo commercial who would you say it would be? For the team here at Bingo Codes we hadn’t really thought about it before seeing the Daily Star Bingo commercial but finding Vinnie Jones as the star, instantly we thought of him as the least likely bingo celebrity.

Although strictly speaking offering games as well as bingo, Daily Star Games have scored quite a coup with Vinnie Jones and the marketing is impressive. The obligatory women do not appear although there are a few bingo balls and a laptop – two of the key ingredient used in online bingo advertising.

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New Advert Coming Soon For Wink Bingo

Wednesday, Mar. 13th 2013 7:56 AM

We read an interesting snippet the other day about Wink Bingo and the Dream Idols, a collaboration that we recently saw come together for a promotion from the brand. It would appear that the scantily clad lads are set to become the face of the brand as they work to maintain their ‘cheeky and flirty’ reputation for their bingo site. A new advert is soon set to air on the small screen for Wink Bingo and Tommy, Ollie, Billy, Lorenz and Lewis are to be the stars.

The Dream Idols are a fairly new glamour group, they only formed last year and have already enjoyed massive success with the launch of the Magic Mike movie. However, the Wink Bingo endorsement is not the groups first interaction with bingo as previously they were sponsored by Boyle.

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Cheeky Bingo Free

Wednesday, Feb. 27th 2013 7:41 AM

If you have been watching your television over the last few days then the chances are you will have caught the new commercial for Cheeky Bingo. The advert features two women dining out but all is not as it first seems. One of the women is actually a man sporting women’s attire in an effort to grab a free meal. His girlfriend does not look overly impressed at his attempt to get something for nothing by taking advantage of the ‘Mum’s eat free for Mother’s Day’ offer.

With the new advertising campaign for Cheeky Bingo comes a selection of free games, something this brand is well known for and has been since it opened in February 2009. However, the games in the promotional period have substantially higher jackpots – £1,000 at 2pm and then £2,500 at 9pm.

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