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Changes Across The Live Bingo Network

Wednesday, Mar. 18th 2015 7:43 AM

When it comes to changing welcome bonuses a network that is quite often altering the deals for the new players is the Live Bingo Network (LBN). Just before the Point of Consumption tax (PoC) was introduced on 1st December, this network removed all their no deposit bonuses. Just a few weeks later, they were all back again. More recently sites like Raw Bingo have seen a change in the cash match deals available AND how the registration process works.

Once upon a time it used to be that if you had an account at one LBN site then the login worked at all sites. It was also nigh on impossible to have an account at all sites on the network as your email /username would already be registered. This is no longer the case, it is encouraged to have an account at more than one brand like Raw Bingo.

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£10 Of Free Tickets At Wink Bingo

Saturday, Feb. 14th 2015 7:15 AM

Wink Bingo is a trusted and long established online bingo site, having served customers for seven years now. They’ve always offered a cracking welcome for players including sign up bonuses and free bingo offerings, but their latest offer goes one better offering players £10 worth of free tickets when you sign up and create an account!

What’s more, Wink Bingo are keeping all the current offers too so you get access to everything you did before, plus this free tickets deal, and you could win a £50 jackpot in the offing too!

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£10 Free For Newbies At Bingola

Wednesday, Dec. 31st 2014 7:05 AM

No deposit required welcome bonuses became a bit of a rarity in the world of online bingo for a while, especially from the most impressive of the brands. We’ve always seen the Cozy Games brands offer this type of incentive to new players but let’s be honest, it’s the only way they were ever going to get people through their virtual doors. Bingola is one of the more impressive brands online today and they have recently doubled their no deposit bonus from £5 to £10.

However, whilst the no deposit bonus has doubled at Bingola the cash match bonus available on your first transaction has halved. The site only launched in September 2014 so it was a change that we weren’t expecting so soon.

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Crack The Safe At Foxy Bingo

Wednesday, Nov. 12th 2014 7:52 AM

Foxy Bingo are well known for offering a free game or two at their site. Sometimes this is just your traditional bingo game with no cost tickets or it could be just the £5 free on offer when you register an account. On occasion it is also the opportunity to wish cash, bonuses and prizes just for logging to your account every day. It is the latter that is available currently at the site with the Crack The Safe game.

Login to your Foxy Bingo account and the Crack the Safe game will load for free. Spin the wheel by clicking it with your mouse and wait to see what the safe reveals as your prize when it swings open. When it opened for us we were given riches of £2.50 in casino bonus funds.

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Sky Bingo New Welcome Package

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd 2014 7:45 AM

Over the coming weeks we are likely to see many changes in the welcome bonus structure at the online bingo sites in preparation for the arrival of the Point Of Consumption tax. We’re likely to see a drop in free money offered but an increase in free bingo games and / or free spins offered. One brand that has recently dropped their no deposit required bonus is Sky Bingo and here we look at the new welcome package available from this site.

Until recently new players were offered £20 free just for registering an account with Sky Bingo, this is no longer the case. In it’s place is a 500% cash match bonus AND £10 off free tickets. Better than that though is access to a Newbie Room even before you deposit.

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£40 Welcome Package From Bet365 Bingo

Wednesday, Oct. 15th 2014 7:08 AM

With so many different bingo brands to choose from online today it’s no wonder that we see many changes to the new welcome bonuses offered by these sites. You’ll no doubt be aware that at many sites the same software is used on a network, this means that often the only difference between one brand and another is their welcome offer. Bet365 Bingo is one site that have recently made changes to their new player deal, changes that mean their welcome offer isn’t too dissimilar to that on offer at other Virtue Fusion sites like Sky Bingo, William Hill and Winner Bingo and offers £40 free on your first £10 deposit.

The biggest difference between the new and old deal at Bet365 Bingo is that they no longer offer the £10 free play that consisted of 200 free tickets.

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Bingola Offers £5 Free To Newbies

Wednesday, Sep. 24th 2014 7:14 AM

There are many changes coming to the world of online bingo in the next few months. The regulations change in the UK on 1st October and then in December, the Point of Consumption tax is introduced. We are all ready seeing sites move out of the UK market place but also we are seeing a change in welcome bonuses. However, Bingola, one of the most recent brands to launch from Mandalay Media, has a no deposit required bonus of £5 free for new players. It is this type of bonus that we think will soon become quite rare.

To take advantage of the no deposit required bonus from Bingola you have to register with the brand. This takes just a few minutes and if you have met all the criteria for the bonus, it will be in your account instantly.

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£50 Welcome Package From Bet365 Bingo

Wednesday, Aug. 27th 2014 7:44 AM

Bet365 Bingo and a number of other sites online have taken to offering no deposit required bonuses to attract new players. This type of bonus was widely available a number of years ago and then the industry changed with many sites dropping the free cash without deposit. In December the Point of Consumption tax is set to be introduced and this is likely to affect the bonuses that sites offer but for now, why not take advantage of the £50 welcome deal from this brand?

The first part of the bonus from Bet365 Bingo is £10 free but it is not bonus money, this comes in the form of 200 free tickets with a value of £10. These are given when you sign up, open any room and create a username.

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