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Daily Star Bingo Giant Jackpot Lives Up To Its Name

Saturday, Feb. 1st 2014 7:36 AM

While we love the community, promotions and giveaways when playing online bingo, let’s be honest, we’re all in it for the big jackpots and they don’t get much bigger than the Giant Jackpot, currently over £40,000 at Daily Star Bingo. A Bingo Progressive, this one’s been growing for a while, but surely it must be won soon?

Unlike many progressives the Giant is only available to play for a few hours each day and it’s this that makes it grow so big! At over £40,000 at the last count it’s one of the biggest prizes we’ve ever seen from Daily Star Bingo and now players are frantically chasing the prize.

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Bingo Godz First Advert

Saturday, Sep. 28th 2013 7:34 AM

Bingo Godz have certainly made a huge crash on the bingo world, having quite an impact. They’ve barely been out of the news since they launched, with several big promotions, a PR stunt in Liverpool, and now the brand have launched their first advert in apocalyptic fashion!

The sky turns grey, the end of the world is night. Well, no actually, it’s just the appearance of the Bingo Godz for this brand new advert, and now the brand is offering a free fiver to new players too, it’s likely to pull a few in.

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Back To Bingo At Ladbrokes Bingo

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013 7:33 AM

For much of the country, this morning was a culmination of nervous kids, school uniform pictures on Facebook and a queue at the school gate. The kids are back to school today and Ladbrokes Bingo are celebrating by getting Back to Bingo. It’s September, and you can claim double rewards when you buy your tickets at Ladbrokes this month!

If you haven’t been to Ladbrokes Bingo for a while, then now is the time to tell you that they have a brand new rewards scheme, offering more generous bonuses than ever before. However, if you play at Ladbrokes Bingo over the next week, you can claim double rewards with Back to Bingo.

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Mexican Fiesta At City Bingo

Saturday, Aug. 31st 2013 7:39 AM

August is almost over, with the final day of the month falling on a weekend. Not needing much excuse for a party, we’ll be planning one this evening, but not before we’ve pre-bought out tickets for the Mexican Fiesta game at City Bingo.

If you’ve been playing at City Bingo throughout August, there’s a good chance you’ll have earned some free cards for the big game at City Bingo, players have been able to collect them as they deposit, but if you don’t have any, or you want some more, it’s your very last chance to pick some up from the lobby for £2 each!

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Site Closures From The Better Bingo Network

Saturday, Jul. 6th 2013 7:45 AM

A couple of days ago we heard the news via email that Bloke Bingo is to close on 16th July, and we thought maybe they just hadn’t been able to attract in the male players in this mainly female domain. However, since then we’ve heard news about several other sites, including Tea and Bingo who are also closing, and they are all part of the Better Bingo Network.

We’re not altogether sure if the entire network is disbanding, but it’s certainly starting to look that way, as every day, news of another site closure comes through. The network always looked strong, part of the Virtue Fusion software group, and now we’re interested to see what will happen next.

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Game Village Changes Hands

Saturday, Jun. 29th 2013 7:16 AM

We’re used to seeing bingo brands switch network. Some switch from one software to another, some keep the software and go from network to standalone, but a move this week from one of the oldest bingo brands on the net has come as a bit of a surprise as Game Village changes hands.

Game Village is a proprietary brand, and that means they run unique software. However, we don’t know what the sale will mean for the brand as it goes over to a company called Angel Crest Holding.

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Deal Or No Deal Night At Mecca Bingo

Saturday, May. 18th 2013 7:58 AM

If you’ve been over to Mecca Bingo this month, then you’ll be aware that they’ve gone promotions crazy! It’s May Madness and there has been a raft of promotions and giveaways all month, and if you’re tuning into Mecca Bingo tonight and you think you can beat the banker, you could be winning a share of £25,000 in the Deal or No Deal night.

Deal or No Deal Bingo is a Virtue Fusion favourite, and Mecca Bingo is a pretty great place to play it. It’s bingo with a twist, adding some of the drama and the tension of the gameshow to your computer screen.

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Betfair Bingo Take Over Blue Square

Saturday, Apr. 6th 2013 7:13 AM

The Blue Square Sportsbook, used to one of the biggest and most lucrative in the UK, so successful in fact that the Rank Group bought out the company in 2003 for an eye-watering £65 million. By then, the brand had branched out into a casino, a poker site and an online bingo site and by 2007 the company was sponsoring the Football Conference.

However, it seems that in more recent times, Blue Square has fallen out of favour with players, which saw the company record losses of £4.8 million in the last six months, and yesterday it was announced that Betfair are to take over Blue Square and all of the 120,000 customer base in a deal worth just £5 million.

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