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New Software For Bright Bingo

Wednesday, Jun. 6th 2018 7:51 AM

Bright Bingo first launched in April 2014 on the b-live Gaming software, the same software as Bingocams. However, in April of 2018 the site switched software platforms and is now powered by the 888 offering and is part of the Real Money Network from Dragonfish. With the move comes the chance to register again and take advantage of the new welcome package that the site has to offer.

As part of the Real Money Network, Bright Bingo now offers a deal to new players that carries no wagering requirements. Make you first deposit of £10 with the site and you will receive a selection of bingo tickets and slot spins as part of the welcome package. Any winnings derived from these are yours to keep.

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Bonus Calendar At Chit Chat Bingo

Wednesday, May. 17th 2017 7:23 AM

We all love a bonus and Chit Chat Bingo have an abudance of them to offer this month. Each and every week there’s a whole plethora of deals to be had just by entering a specific code and in this article, we provide you with the very latest codes from this brand.

Chit Chat Bingo left our screens for a short while but the return was worth the wait! Originally the site was powered by the G2 Gtech software but in the summer of 2016, the brand emerged like the phoenix from the flames on the Dragonfish network, powered by the BingoS software.

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Changes At Dragonfish Sites

Wednesday, Oct. 26th 2016 7:07 AM

Over the last few months we have seen many changes at Dragonfish sites like Katie’s Bingo, both on the network and on sites powered by the 888 software. First we saw the lobbies of the sites take on a new design and navigation and then we saw the BingoS software arrive.

However, whilst all of the above changes have been very obvious as they happen, one that you may not have noticed (and chances are it has little or no affect on the regular player) is focused on the minimum deposit amount before withdrawal. Previously this amount was £30 at sites like Katie’s Bingo but has now been reduced to just £5 at most sites.

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Katie’s Bingo Offers 300% Bonus + Free Spins

Wednesday, Mar. 16th 2016 7:42 AM

Katie’s Bingo is the latest brand to join the expansive Dragonfish network but before you write this brand off as ‘same old, same old’, take the time to visit and take a look around, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find. The strapline for the site is ‘By players, for players’ and it is clear from the moment that you land on site that this isn’t just your run of the mill networked site.

The design of Katie’s Bingo is not the uniform look we usually see on the network, it has personality and it’s quite obvious from the outset that the company/person behind the brand has a lot of passion for the bingo game.

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Spectra Bingo New Welcome Offer

Wednesday, Sep. 16th 2015 7:32 AM

Spectra Bingo is one of many Dragonfish brands available on the Internet but recently the site had a makeover, a new look that not only included a revamp of the home page but a change to the lobby design too. Whilst the aesthetics of the brand and the navigation are now far improved, these are not the only changes that happened. This site has now got a completely new bonus structure for players, one that has been introduced just a couple of weeks before the changes to the Dragonfish bonuses as a whole.

Previously players at Spectra Bingo were only offered a pretty standard bonus, 100% on your first deposit. However, the new structure sees this increased quite substantially to a whopping 400% cash match bonus on your initial transaction with the site.

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Dragonfish Free Bingo Changes

Wednesday, Mar. 25th 2015 7:36 AM

It was only recently that we bought you news of the changes that have been introduced to the loyalty program across the Dragonfish network. These changes have impacted on the free bingo games on offer too because where once access to the free rooms was given dependant on your loyalty level, this is no longer the case. Deposits now determine access to the free bingo rooms.

Before the Dragonfish free bingo changes it used to be that at sites like Bingo Cove you could register and play free games all day every day without depositing. The Free Bingo All Room, as it was then called, was open from 7am until 7pm and offered a £1 jackpot game of 90 ball bingo every eight minutes. The changes mean the opening hours are less, the room name is different and only three days access is available prior to a deposit.

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Iceland Bingo – The Big Freeze(r)

Thursday, Sep. 12th 2013 7:26 AM

All too often we see bingo sites launch that are simply a ‘skin’ of another product, a site that just has a virtual lick of paint but is part of a larger network. However, there are some of these types of sites that really make a concerted effort to stand our from the crowd and one such brand is Iceland Bingo with their Freezer room that is exclusive to their players.

Alongside the Freezer standalone room there are a whole plethora of exclusive promotions available to players at Iceland Bingo, so much so it is hard to keep up with them! The Freezer is only open to funded players at the site sadly but the room offers specials like Penny Bingo hours (between 5pm and 6pm) and vouchers hours (between 8pm and 9pm) where you can win £5 Iceland vouchers.

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Is Your Name Down At GuestList Bingo?

Friday, May. 3rd 2013 7:18 AM

GuestList Bingo is the second brand to launch in the last few days of April on the Dragonfish network but in the same way as Fierce Bingo, there is nothing new or exciting to be found behind the glitzy exterior of the site. What both of these new bingo sites do have in common though are improved welcome bonuses to the standard 100% we usually see at Dragonfish brands.

GuestList Bingo, like many that have launched recently, has opened with a 250% cash match bonus for new players. It would appear that in such a competitive market new sites like this are having to up the ante quite substantially.

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