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Rewards Aplenty At Gala Bingo

Wednesday, Jan. 10th 2018 7:27 AM

The Road to Rewards promotion has always been popular at Gala Bingo so it’s no surprise to find that it is back at the popular online bingo site. It all got underway again on 6th January and will be carrying on until Saturday 3rd February 2018. This means you have plenty of time to get your hands on one of the prizes and a little free bingo action!

If you didn’t get involved when this promotion was offered at Gala Bingo previously, it’s really easy to ensure you are in with a chance of winning. The first stage is to opt in and that’s done with a click of a button. Just login to your account and visit the dedicated promotional page on site.

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Gala Bingo’s Happy Hub

Saturday, Sep. 16th 2017 4:41 AM

Online Bingo is not just about big money games and the chance to win fantastic prizes. The social side of the game is equally important, and for some people, being able to log in and chat with friends each day can be just as therapeutic as an hour on the doctor’s couch. Gala Bingo appreciate this and that is why they have worked long and hard to create their Happy Hub.

The Happy Hub is one of those tabs you have probably seen a dozen times but not taken the time to click because you were too eager to start playing. You really should check it out though as it is packed full of news, chat, quizzes, promotions and so much more. Gala Bingo‘s Happy Hub is their one stop shop for everything community relates and shows their dedication to their bingo family.

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Gala Bingo Holiday Giveaway

Wednesday, Aug. 16th 2017 7:32 AM

You might think that’s it a bit late in the day for a bingo brand to be giving away a holiday a day, after all the summer holidays are nearly over for the kids BUT the holidays that can be won at Gala Bingo are for May NEXT YEAR!

Whilst you may not be thinking that far a head currently, and maybe your bingo budget doesn’t allow for much in the way of pay to play games at the moment, it’s still a promotion worth getting involved in. Every single day since 30th July and right through until 26th August, Gala Bingo are giving away a holiday a day. A £5 spend will see your name in the draw so it’s not really a budget busting amount of cash.

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Tour Wimbledon With Gala Bingo

Saturday, Jul. 15th 2017 4:02 AM

It won’t be too long now before this year’s Wimbledon tournament comes to an end, and it’s shaping up to be another classic with plenty of thrills and spills. This also means that you sadly don’t have long to qualify for the latest ‘Anyone for Tennis’ promotion from Gala Bingo either, as it comes to an end at 23:59 on Sunday night.

Before you do anything, you must first log in to your Gala Bingo account, head to the ‘Anyone for Tennis’ page and opt in to let them know you want to join in the fun. Once you have done this, it’s simply a case of playing bingo as you normally do for the chance to win an amazing tour of Wimbledon or a pocket full of cash.

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The Chase Is On At Gala Bingo

Wednesday, Jun. 14th 2017 7:23 AM

Over the last couple of months we have seen themed promotions around special rooms at Gala Bingo. We saw an Emmerdale offer first, then one that focused on Coronation Street Bingo and now, well The Chase is on! In this latest promotion there are £1,000 daily games, weekly games to qualify for the Quiz Night and of course, the Quiz Night itself.

You don’t have to be great with general knowledge, you just have play at Gala Bingo in the promotional period which is 12th June until 9th July. Did we mention that the £1,000 Daily Games are free for those that can beat The Chaser?

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£100K Emmerdale Giveaway At Gala Bingo

Saturday, Apr. 29th 2017 5:57 AM

If you love your soaps then you are going to go crazy about the £100K Emmerdale Giveaway at Gala Bingo. This exciting promotion has been set over four weeks, and whilst two of them are now just a distant memory, there is still two more to go, giving you ample time to not only win yourself a pocket full of cash but also a VIP tour of the set.

The remaining two qualifying periods of the £100K Emmerdale Giveaway at Gala Bingo are running between Monday 1st May and Sunday 6th May and then Monday 8th May until Saturday 13th May. Each one of these qualifying periods leads up to a Grand Finale game on the following Sunday night with £200 cash for the one line winner, £300 for the two-line winner and £500 for the full house.

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Gala Bingo’s Giftmas Giveaway

Saturday, Nov. 26th 2016 4:56 AM

The festive season is well and truly here now, and Gala Bingo have already got their tree and decorations up. They are celebrating with a huge Giftmas Giveaway promotion that is made up of a series of special offers and games that are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of their lucky roomies. As a funded player, you will need to log in each day and swipe the frost of their windows to reveal that days offer and it could be cash, prize draws, free tickets or bingo bonuses.

These special offers from Gala Bingo serve a dual purpose too, because in addition to benefiting from the offer, everyone that claims them will also gain access to the City Room the following evening at 10pm. Everyone will be limited to six tickets, ensuring everyone has an equal chance of winning one of the many prizes that are up for grabs.

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Visit Coronation Street With Gala Bingo

Saturday, Sep. 24th 2016 4:32 AM

If you are a fan of the soaps and love nothing more than watching the latest on-screen antics week in, week out, then you really should be registered for an account at Gala Bingo. They have teamed up with some of the nation’s favourite TV shows to not only bring you themed rooms and games but also some fantastic promotions, which currently include the chance to win a VIP Coronation Street experience.

You have until Friday 7th October to take part in this exciting new promotion from Gala Bingo, and it is made up of a series of special games that are taking place each evening at 10pm in their exclusive Coronation Street Bingo room. You will earn six cards for these games for every £5 you spend in the same room the previous day. You can earn up to a maximum of 36 cards or purchase them for £1 each.

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