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Boo Who? At Jackpot Joy

Saturday, Oct. 28th 2017 4:43 AM

The scariest night of the year is approaching faster than a witch on a broomstick and all our favourite online bingo sites are getting into the spirit of the season with one spooky promotion after another. Jackpot Joy is the latest one of these with their Boo Who? promotion and everyone qualifying is guaranteed to be a winner.

To get started, you will first need to log in to your Jackpot Joy account and make your way to the Boo Who promotion page. You will see a large green ‘Confirm’ button and you need to click on this to let them know you want to join in the Halloween fun. Once you have done this, it’s just a case of deciding how much you think you are going to spend.

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Play With The Jackpot Joy Balls, And Paddy McGuinness

Wednesday, Sep. 20th 2017 7:56 AM

Jackpot Joy are currently back on the small screen with a new advertising campaign but whilst the Queen of Bingo, Barbara Windsor, makes an appearance, she is no longer the star. At least for the time being it would seem the the Queen of Bingo has become the King and it is certainly a welcome change to see Paddy McGuinness requesting that you grab fun by the balls!

What we like most about the new commercial from Jackpot Joy is that two popular celebs are involved, that and the fact that it’s all very tongue in cheek humour. We’re impressed with how the crown is handed over, albeit not literally and think that the marketing team have done a great job with the storyboard.

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Jackpot Joy’s Bingo Bazaar

Saturday, Aug. 26th 2017 4:26 AM

Jackpot Joy‘s Queen of Bingo is a very special monarch and one that likes to ensure her roomies are kept entertained at all times. Just because August is approaching an end, does not mean there is not enough time for her to slip in one final promotion, so if you log in this weekend, make sure you check out her Bingo Bazaar.

Jackpot Joy‘s Bingo Bazaar is a special chat game promotion, running tonight and tomorrow night between 9pm and 10pm in their Sapphire room. As long as you have wagered a minimum of £2 during the past seven days, you will be eligible to take part, and during these hours, the first ball called will determine which of the three chat games will be played.

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Free Bingo Weekends At Jackpot Joy

Saturday, Oct. 24th 2015 7:41 AM

We all love a bit of free bingo and this October, Jackpot Joy has had plenty! Don’t worry if you’ve missed out as there’s still this weekend and next to join in with plenty of free games, all weekend every weekend!

The free games play in the Tiki, Cloud and Emerald rooms at Jackpot Joy Bingo at the specified times and offer funded players the chance to win some big prizes, without having to spend a penny. The only requirements is that you have wagered at least £2 at site in the seven days running up to the free bingo special and with a £100 jackpot on each of the free games, this seems like good value to us!

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Weekend Of Winners At Jackpot Joy

Saturday, Jun. 15th 2013 7:02 AM

Every Saturday and Sunday there are a selection of special promotions happening at Jackpot Joy to provide a ‘WOW’ – Weekend of Winners. This weekend is no different and you’ll find cash back, free bingo, BOGOF games, bonus round deals chat games and prizes galore if you choose to play at the site.

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th there will be players drawn at random to win a prize. Simply be in a chat room and you could find yourself the owner of something as simple as a slinky or as impressive as a Kindle thanks to Jackpot Joy and their prize giveaway this weekend. There will be 100 winners selected at random this weekend, 50 on each day.

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Take Your Quickity Pick With Jackpot Joy

Monday, May. 20th 2013 7:22 AM

When it comes to promotions and marketing from the world of online bingo there seems to be a number of commercials that are using sexual suggestion. Recently we have seen Dotty Bingo claim that their advert cannot be shown before the watershed because of it’s sexual connotations and now we are teased with the potential to glimpse up a man’s kilt by Jackpot Joy. All of that without even mentioning that the Dream Idols are the stars of the Wink Bingo campaign!

The new commercial for Jackpot Joy is used to tell viewers about the latest promotion at the site that offers everyone the chance to win a share of £250,000 in prizes that site are giving away.

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Wheel Of Wealth At Jackpot Joy

Thursday, May. 2nd 2013 7:45 AM

This week players have even more reason than usual to get exciting while playing Jackpot Joy as a special promotion will be giving players the chance to spin the Wheel of Wealth for bonuses of between £5 and £100! It’s a generous promotion and runs from now until May 8th, and all you have to do to join in is play bingo.

Just head to Jackpot Joy and play in any of the selected rooms, and if you’re a winner, you may be selected to spin the Wheel of Wealth, spin the wheel and you could secure a random bonus of between £5 and £100!

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Red Nose Bingo Advert From Jackpot Joy

Wednesday, Feb. 20th 2013 10:08 AM

Red Nose Day is just around the corner and Jackpot Joy is one of the official sponsors for this charity event. Already the site has two special themed games on offer and to coincide with the launch, once again Barbara Windsor is making an appearance on the television as the Queen of Bingo! The commercial is great fun and definitely gets across the spirit of the site – ‘Just for the Jackpot Joy of it’.

The Jackpot Joy commercial starts with a very 70’s feel, all flares and Capri’s. Thieves are loading the boot of a care with Red Noses, the crime of the bingo century! All is not lost though as the Queen of Bingo steps in to save the day!

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